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Photo Booth Prank

A cool prank where the photo booth talks to the customer

Epic Girlfriend Hair Cutting Prank

I'm guessing he isn't getting sex after that one.

The Best Viral Ad I've Ever Seen

I actually signed up too. I don't think that has ever happened.

ADD Shopping Channel

The A.D.D Shopping Network is bound to drive your Nana mad

Ex-Girlfriend Sets Her And Boyfriend Ablaze

Moral of the story? Don't date crazy chicks.

Bear Grylls Eats a Live Snake - Born Survivor

Bear Grylls could eat his way out of a maximum security prison, he will practically eat anything be it elephant poo or a dead features

James Bond Action Sequence Montage

Compilation of footage from the pre-credit sequences of all the Bond movies

Car Theft Prank

I'd punch that old man in the face.

Sleeping Man Meets the Taser and a Police Dog

Hell of a way to be woken up, probably still drunk as a skunk

Keep Your Friends Close And Enemies Closer

...but remember to not get sloppy drunk around them.

Russian Boy Falls to his Death From a Ferris Wheel

Stopping the ride before the kid was at the highest possible point would have been an excellent idea, and that cameraman deserves to be tossed off the top too

Guy Punches a Girl in a Pool & Pays the Price

"You're supposed to yell 'polo', bitch!"

Shocking Roof Fall Accident

I doubt they'll be able to put humpty back together again after that accident.

Steel Wool Fire Swing Fail

Next time, try to be more careful.

Management Leisure Suit

The suit every manager needs to keep his workers under control

Skaters Argue With and Hit a Drunk Bum

On some levels the drunk was asking for it, just lucky all 7 of them didn't beat him over the head with their boards

Disney Pulp Fiction

IS there a sign on my door that says dead toon storage?

Brown Bear Eats A Moose For Lunch

Was that the moose breathing heavy for the fat guy filming the whole thing?

Proposal is Right

And folks, remember to have that couple spayed and neutered No one wants to see those kids

Catching a Golf Ball in Mercedes AMG

Former Formula 1 ace David Coulthard set a new Guinness World Record for the "furthest golf shot caught in a moving car."

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