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Best Reaction To General Anesthesia

This kid has a serious future ahead of him as the Joker.

Woman Locks Herself In Her Car

Its scary to think people like this actually exist.

Walrus Pleasures Himself In Public

Can't he get a moments privacy? Have some decency!

Heinz Ketchup Inventor

I don't think he's going to have much success in life.

Whitney Houston Kiss my Ass

The Soup named a Whitney Houston scene from Being Bobby Brown the #1 clip of the year and here's why..

Reporter Gets Taken Out Hard by a Sled

He did a flipping good report if you ask me

The 4 Year Old Dr. Dre

I wish I was that good when I was four. I wish I was that good now.

Basketball Court Faceplant

I can't figure out what the original plan was supposed to be.

Moron Shoots Himself In The Head With A Flaregun

Bummer, I was really hoping he was going to die from this.

Baby Gets A Little Sleepy

Put the kid to sleep already, for the love of GOD!

Building Demolition Gone Bad

I guess they got it half right...

The Oldest DJ Ever

I'm surprised the beat didn't give him a heart attack.

Having Fun With a Camel

When there is pretty much nothing around you but sand you gotta make the most of the few other things you are lucky to have, that includes not taking the comical abilities of a young camel for granted

Creepy Dutch TV Host

I really hope, for that child's sake, that this isn't real.

Soccer Kick To The Face

I think he just swallowed his tongue and a few teeth.

Russian Skinheads Turn On Each Other

If you're dumb enough to pull a gun in a fight, you better be smart enough to use it

The Fastest Thing On Two Wheels Record

Eric Teboul sets a new world record for the fastest thing on two wheels by doing a quarter mile in 5.232 seconds at 249 MPH!

Adorable Otters Bouncing Up And Down

Now they just need to get them synchronized and they can make millions!

Overly Sexual Go Vote Ad

I'll go vote for her all night. By vote, I mean have sex.

Burnout Car Nails An Idiot

Why in the hell did this moron try to walk in front of the car?

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