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Loud Drunk Chick Has Bad Timing

Sometimes its better to just keep your mouth shut.

Jaws Special Edition - Robot Chicken

Steven Spielberg's true vision of Jaws, a bit bloodier and in my opinion an overall better version

Cricket Streaker Gets Tackled

And that was about the only entertaining thing to happen in that 37 hour long match

Suicidal Mountain Biking In Chile

This guy has to be absolutely INSANE!

Trucker Does Not Give A Damn

At what point do you hit that level where you just don't give a damn at all?

Jewel Goes Undercover To A Karaoke Bar

Jewel, disguised as a mild mannered businesswoman, drops by a local karaoke bar and performs some of her classic songs to a completely dumbfounded audience.

What Does Admiral Ackbar Say...

Daddy guess whats in my diaper...It's a crap!

Nerd Causes Hell to Freeze Over - Robot Chicken

A nerd loosing his virginity causes hell to freeze over and changes the world as we know it

Dog Gets Groovy With It

Until you can teach your dog to this, you have failed as a pet owner.

Screaming Frog

That frog didn't seem very happy about being stuck in that net, poor little guy

Being Gay Is Bad For Your Health

This video provides sufficient evidence.

Very Drunk Russian Girl Tries to Make it Home

We are now offering a finder's fee of $500 to anyone who can find a video of a Russian (man or woman) who isn't either drunk as a skunk or engaged in a fight of some sorts. Legal note: We aren't.

North Korean Traffic Lady Gets Mad at a Mini Driver

I wouldn't mind her disciplining my mini

The Wrong Comedian To Interrupt

Sometimes it's better to just keep your mouth shut.

Cop Has A Very Close Call

I hope he has a spare pair of underpants in his car.

Don't Play With Gasoline

This my friends, is why imbreading is BAD!

Mitch Fatel - I'm Very Funny

Mitch considers him self to be very funny, and I happen to agree with him, his little retard voice just has to be laughed at

Big Guy Gets Knocked Out Good

A knock out can only be made better when someone says something hilarious at the end, shouting "O, o, hoho BITCH, hoho" is a failure in the humor department

135 People Jump From A Bridge

At first I thought this was some sort of cult thing, then I realized they were tied up.

Tooth Pulled with a Bow & Arrow

What happened to the good old method of just tying a string around your loose tooth and the other end to a door knob and slamming the door hard

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