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An Asian Kid Who Can Dance

Just had an acid trip flashback from this... holy heaven.

7 Year Old Brings Crack to School

And not a tiny bit, but a whooping 89 grams, which has a street value of $9,000

Cyst Shot with a Paintball Gun

Only two guys could withstand that sheer pain with such a normal expression on their face, Chuck Norris and this dude apparently

Guy Drives a Forklift into the Side of a Car

Worst of all it seems like he was using that forklift to move only two half empty boxes

Gymnasts Has an Extremely Painful Landing

How to become an ostrich, fast yet painfully

Waking Up in a Bloody Bathroom

That would be an excellent prank to play on someone who passes out at a party, wake them up with a phone call while they lie on the floor of a blood splattered bathroom

Funny Dutch Beer Ad

The World Cup is upon us so here is a funny football beer ad from Holland

Cyclist Vs Maserati

I guess if you're gonna be a dick, you may as well show some style

Detention on Halloween Night

Damn, that detention actually looked like fun

Anatomy of a One Punch Knockout

Brain tossing fun is what you get with a hard punch to the head

Teen Jumping Off a High Bridge

Well you can't say German cops don't respond quickly

Car Jackers Just Don't Give Up

Talk about persistance, these guys just don't want to let that Audi drive away.

Human Gets Pantsed By A Pole

Damn, those earthlings are up to some serious shenanigans these days.

Bugs and Elmo Rap Battle - Robot Chicken

Bugs Bunny takes on Elmo in a rap battle… That's all bitches

Tornado Turns Cars Into Toys

If you look very close at 00:26 you can see a little midget in the left!

Cat Tripping on LSD

The effect of mescaline analogues on the behavior of cats. Poor pussy had a heck of a bad trip

Douchebag Randomly Stage Dive Tackles a Guy

This guy has attained a zen-like oneness with being a complete and total douchebag, he's in fact the Yoda of the douchebag kingdom

The Nut Shot Pool Trick With a Twist

He only agreed to the blindfold since they promised him a kinky fetish man-on-man sex orgy

Idiot Trashes A New BMW

I'd call him a complete dipshit, but I've forgotten to put my car in park before as well. Therefore hes just a tired, confused man.

Apple Store Robbers Are Pro's

These guys had the place cleared out in 31 seconds, flat!

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