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Parents Scare Their Daughter with Maze Game

Traumatized for life, thanks to dear old mom and dad

Turkey Building Demolition Gone Wrong

Looks like it ended up about 500 feet from where it started!

Live Podcast Fail

Looks like he lost half his audience from that.

Koala Bears Are Vicious

They are totally not as cute as those teddy bears I have.

Racer Loses Control & Drifts into Spectators

Looks like the driver wanted another go at him, using his fists this time

14 Year Old Girl Arrested 5 Times for GTA

This skanky looking 14 year old has been arrested on grand theft auto charges 5 times in 5 months, she is on a real good track to spending the rest of her life in jail, that or as a thieving crack whore

Drunk SUV Driver Mows Down a Firefighter

Now firefighters also have to worry about drunken drivers mowing them down, as if fire wasn't enough for them to worry about

Mothers Day Picture

Brothers will be brothers

Painful BMX Crash

Durrr, are you okayyy?

Florescent Light Bulb vs Back

Going to take a while for that bleeding to stop. I cut my self shaving the other day and that took 30 minutes to stop, so this should take about a year and 5 months

Accident Victim Ignored in the Road

A 63 year old motorcyclist crushed under the wheels of a lorry lay ignored by passing motorists in an Israeli road

Prank Show Inadvertently Reveals Selfless Hero

Watch the video at 35 seconds to see! I hope they gave them new clothes or cash. I'd be pissed.

Rabbit Loves His Balloon

And that, children, is how Easter eggs are made.

Crazy Guy Drives Through a Window on a Moped

Going through the front door and on foot is so yesterday

The Baking Tray Chick Gets Her Revenge

A revenge of a revenge eh? Stay tuned for the much anticipated revenge of the revenge of the revenge, it's going to be wild

Stupid Trick Goes Wrong Setting a Skater on Fire

Gotta learn to dance one way or the other

Man Steals An $80,000 Diamond

...and makes it look way too damn easy!

Cop Drops A Suspect In One Punch

On second thought... I think I'll just lay down here for a while...

Police Beat Reporters and Demonstrators

A May day march in Los Angeles turns ugly as the LAPD rain rubber bullets down on the crowd and reporters caught in the middle

2x4 Busts Through A Guys Window

This... is my nightmare.

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