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Farmer Having Some Fun

Did I seriously just see what I thought I saw?

Ice Skating For Cars

EJECT! EJECT! *pulls lever below seat*.

Cute Bunny Letter Opener

The letter said "Chase regrets to inform you that you owe eleventy billion dollars on: Bunny Lessons"

Australian Anti-Speeding Ad

This ad will make you think twice about speeding on city streets.

My Fish Died

It got hit by a car.

Rhino Chases a Truck

A Rhinoceros mother runs after a truck full of filmmakers. Those last few seconds of the video look like an ad for bottled water

Car Stunt Goes Flamingly Wrong

Ok that was obviously never going to work, unless the point of the stunt was to burn your self alive, in which case the odds where excellent on it working just perfectly

Dirtbike Faceplant

First mistake, being dumb. The second, no helmet. Third would be if he decides to breed

The Beaver Cam

Mr. Beaver shows us what the world looks like form his perspective, with the help of his beaver cam

Kid Shows Up The Mascot

...and busts out some dance moves. New mascot?

Men's Underwear

This ad is probably the best men's underwear ad I've ever seen, if not just the best ad ever. Never has an advertisement had such wisdom, partial nudity and beauty all mixed up into a perfect mixture, then sprinkled with some humor

Police Taunting from a Car

This guy hangs out the window of a car and shouts at a bunch of police officers, bet the driver can expect a ticket sent to his house

Ukrainian Man Dumps Cow Dung onto a Mayors Head

Strange, our mayors are usually the ones spreading the bullshit

Ducks Vs. The Wind

HA! Looks like mother nature hates you and your children, Mother Duck.

I'm Really a Man - Jerry Springer

Ouch, 31 years a virgin, finally gets the nerve to purchase the services of a prostitute and it turns out 'she' used to be a man

Python Eats a Live Rabbit in Front of a Class

Here is the very controversial video of a science teacher feeding a live rabbit to a python in front of his class, the school and teacher were later forced to apologize for the incident

Actor Hit With A Real Bottle

This is taking acting to the extreme. I like it.

Panda's Are Too Damn Cute

Especially when they are secretly ninjas.

Boxer Knocks Himself Out

The first man to ever knock himself out in a match.

Urban Sprinting - Balls of Steel

Taken from the great British show called Balls of Steel... a guy brings his own security tag hidden in his hat to a store, runs out from the shop and gets chased by the security guard. The game stops when you reach a burger bar

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