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The Worlds Biggest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fan

That has got to be one of the crazier things to be madly fanatical about, honestly turtles… mutant turtles… mutant ninja turtles... teenage mutant ninja turtles

Hitler's car gets Stolen and he isn't a Happy Camper

Someone took a scene from Der Untergang and replaced the English subtitles with new ones, quite incorrect ones obviously, I never knew Hitler was such a car man

Compilation of Lucky Moments

Whether its coming inches from death or just scoring the winning basket, these are some lucky f*ckers.

Devil Soldier with Horns

This soldier has some pretty huge balls, standing on top of an armoured vehicle with horns on top of your head isn't exactly the safest place to be with snipers around

Woman Freaks Out After Husband Gets Arrested for DUI

Mr. DUI goes calmly with the cops. Mrs. DUI meanwhile let's the insanity fly

Waterpolo Player gets Punched in the Face

That give me an excellent new idea for a sport, water boxing. Trust me, it's gonna be huge

Granny Hit By The Same Car Twice

She should rent herself out as a speed bump!

Dog Learns Physics The Hard Way

Try, try, again. That's what my dad always said.

Woman Gets Attacked By A Cheetah

I would love to sink something into that blond too, but I'm not talking about my teeth.

Girls Head Gets Confused for a Pinata

Piñata is really Spanish for headache

Kurt Cobain Gets Punched by a Security Guard

That's probably what got Kurt to kill himself, couldn't handle the mutiny of his own security

A True Stage 4 Clinger

I've heard of some girls being clingy, but I don't think anything compares to this!

SWAT Sniper Shoots a Gun out of a Suspects Hand

A SWAT sniper saves the life of a man about to commit a suicide by shooting the weapon out of the suspect's hand, I bet he needed new pants after that

Bad Weather Ruins A Cruise Ship Lunch

I wanted my drink stirred, not shaken asshole.

Police Beat Reporters and Demonstrators

A May day march in Los Angeles turns ugly as the LAPD rain rubber bullets down on the crowd and reporters caught in the middle

The Dad Life Rap

Once your done admiring his landscape, envy his manscape.

Kimbo Slice Football Tackle

You never know when Kimbo Slice is waiting around a corner with his football pads on and a yearning to kill.

PIT Maneuver Saves the Day

You would think once you get out of the car and see about 15 cops standing a few meters away from you, you would realise running wouldn't do any good

Rollerblader vs Garage Door

One day his eulogy will say "He was a doored by all..."

10 Funny Family Guy Moments

Join us on a magical trip through 10 funny clips of Family Guy, there is ecstasy, nudity, pain and the good old fart jokes of course

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