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Russian Man Gets hit Crossing a Road

Doesn't seem like zebra crossings are of much use in Russia, unless the name got lost in translation and Russians take it they only need to stop for Zebras


I'm being deported to Kenya next week... thanks energy drinks!

Drunk Guy Tries To Jump On A Boat

Looks like he traded that for a midnight swim.

Lets Do the Taser Dance

For a while it actually looked like he was doing the funky chicken

Turtle Rides The Roomba

But wait! There's more! If you act now, you can get two additional turtle-riding-Roomba videos at no extra cost.

A Baby Laughing At Half Speed

That sound will haunt me as I sleep tonight.

Fail Or Win?

You be the judge!

Lazy Tractor

Mr. Russian constructor worker on his way home from the bar after a few too many dry Vodkas

Desert Roof Flying

Some guy sitting on top of a pick up truck goes flying when the car hits a sand dune, love the scream - :D

Hungover Rock Climber Has Problems

At least he didn't shit his bed. That's far more embarrassing. Not that I'd know or anything...

Dog Causes Serious Chaos

I would have just run the f*cker over.

Looks Broken To Me

I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure the human leg can't bend that way.

Thieving Roommate Caught on Tape

A guy worthy of an honorary stupidity award is caught stealing from his roommate by a camera placed in a shoebox, what makes the guy so unbelievable retarded though is the fact he didn't know how to eject the tape out of the video camera

Fight Breaks Out In NYC Over A Burrito

I've fought over italian food, but never mexican. That's just low.

Highest Note by a Male

Adam Lopez breaks his own record on Australian TV by whistling up to C8

American Idol Rejects - Sarah has a Meltdown

Holy poopoo this girl is utterly insane, but I do have to give her credit for her eagerness not to give up, she would probably make an excellent salesperson

Stopping Horse Rape

Ouucchhh! Straight to the nuts!

Jail Escape Fail

He might want to work on his form a little more.

Wait For The Headshot

This is really the only reason I'd watch a high school game...

Hippo Spray

Apparently this is how a hippo marks his territory... glad I don't live with a hippo

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