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You know, the one where people at Coachella are having water-filled condoms thrown at their face?

News Reporter Walks into a Pole on Live TV

This has probably happened to most of us in our life time, but luckily we are never being broadcasted on live TV when it happens, and most of us are staring at some hot chick walking on the other side of the street

Unfortunate Name

Seriously what a fagot... I mean Fagot? Bob Fagot? Wow did his parents hate him or what

Crazy Woman Confronts the X-Factor Judges

I for one thought she truly had talent. From an academic perspective of course

Kid Breaks His Arm Wrestling

I see a definite candidate for Mom of The Year!

Drunk Nails A Car Head On

See! another car fitted with a dash cam being involved in a crash! dam these things are a jinx!

Ship Hits A Giant Tsunami Wave

Reminds me of when the fat kid did a cannon ball at the YMCA.

Golfer Hits a Bird

That shot was straight on, takes skills to get a shot like that (bet the bird wasn't amused)

Bear Has Got Some Skill

Most hardcore bear EVER.

Dolphin Tries To Kill Himself

A life int he limelight is a lot more strain then you'd think.

Naked Mom Plays Rockband

According to some research on my sites demographics, 18-24 males like: nakedness, milfs, and rockband. ENJOY!

Smoking Is Cool Again

If you don't think so, just watch this video.

News Anchor Starts Arguing With a Reporter Live

"I was your boss once" Wow, way to set your self for the perfect smackdown old man

Anaconda Vs. Giant Mammal

Imagine getting stuck in that lock grip of death!

Runaway Car Saving Attempt

After this little blunder, I bet she'll figure out where the handbrake is.

2 Kids Get into a Fist Fight

Chubby was probably distracted by a hot dog stand, then BAM, a blow to his double chin

Insanely Close Call On Train Tracks

It was a Prius driver. He probably should have died just because of that.

Kid Gets Choked Out For Fun

Next time hes going to wake up with Vaseline around a sore asshole.

Doggy Plays Frogger In Traffic

Why is this about a dog? It should be about a hot news reporter!

Slow Japanese Food Fight

If I had a nickel for every time Asians were crazy... I'd have one nickel, they are crazy all the time

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