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You Think You Have Big Balls?

Next time you brag to have the biggest balls, remember this guy.

You Know You Have Giant Saggy Balls When...

Do your testicles hang low, do they tumble to and fro, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow...

Stupid Kid Crashes His Dad's Mustang

It's not too late to put him up for adoption.

Child Beater #2

Even more domestic abuse at its finest for us to enjoy... excellent!

Rollerblading & Garage Doors Don't Mix

There is a warning for this printed on the bottom of every pair of rollerblades, clearly says keep far away from garage doors

Ringtone Fines - Chasers

Now the Aussies that make up the Chasers team are giving out fines for horrible ring tones, can't believe one guy actually paid them 50 bucks

Water Tower Crashes With Workers On It

Imagine what the last thing to go through that guy on the ladders mind... his feet and some steel. Just kidding... sorta.

Always Look Both Ways

Life is a lot like frogger.

Meanwhile At A Pizza Hut In India

To work at this Pizza Hut, you need to have 5 years of experience in Ballet and 2+ years in tap dancing.

The Human Fountain

I'm telling you this guy is the reason Africa has draughts

Stephen Colbert Addresses Congress In Character

Making a mockery of congress... CLASSIC! Colbert has got it made.

This Drummer Has Got Skill

You think that guy in the back is in a wheelchair because he's paralyzed or because he's fat?

BMX Trick Results in a Bloody Faceplant

At 0:42 his buddy gets so excited about his bro losing some teeth and the fellatio he will soon receive he tries to "rub one out" through his jeans

US VS. Japanese Military Commercials

I guess you clearly have to be gay to join the military in Japan. Do ask, and do tell.

Disco Animalz

Crazy stuffed animals get the disco fever

Police Arrest An Interesting Man


Bubble Bobble Apache Strike

After seeing this video the Iraqi insurgency and the Taliban have banned all NES consoles

Jumping on a Pool Chair Gone Wrong

The outcome was extremely satisfactory given what that guy was wearing, seriously was that size XXXXLBLANKET

Scaring Your Fat Gay Babysitter

I hope they pay him enough to buy some new man thongs after that prank.

The Perfect Bike Faceplant

This video is the textbook definition of a faceplant.

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