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Cops Pull Man In Diabetic Shock From A Car

They could have just broken the window and opened the door, but no, they had to yank him through the window.

Coach Knocks Out His Student

Sometimes people just need to be put in their place.

Dildo Commercial On Canadian TV

What, no demonstration?

Beach Interview Goes Pissy

Seemed like a good a place as any to relieve one's bladder

Manipulators Tearing a Car to Pieces

Cameraman sounded like he was having an orgasm, and why wouldn't he? Nothing is more appealing to a man than two huge machines ripping a car to shreds, that and boobs Transformers more than meets the eye!

Parrots Rock At Video Games

This guy trains his parrots in the secret art of voice activated video games.

Rally Car Smashes Spectators

I think it might actually be more dangerous to be a spectator of this sport then a driver.

Scooter Passenger Knocked Out

He must have said something wrong in passing.

The Terminator VS Robocop

We all know there are no cooler robots than The Terminator and Robocop (well ok C3PO is the coolest but he is so far on top of the cool scale that he is godlike, and therefore we can't take him into consideration), so I wonder what would happen if these two robotic killing machines would battle it out

Always Look Both Ways Before Crossing

Some people need to wear a helmet for just everyday life.

Cat That Lives In A Whorehouse

This is how you destroy your child's innocence.

It's A Rock-O-Launcher


Next Time Try An Express Train

This guy attempts suicide by jumping in front of a train but things don't go quite as planned.

Dumb Woman Crashes Into A Coffee Shop

Was anyone really surprised to see a woman get out of the SUV?

Please Turn Your Bark Down

Don't laugh too hard. Right after filming, they ate him.

Cops Knock Out A Drunk Dude

That's not going to help his hangover any.

Girl Cant Find a Pole Directly in front of Her

It saddens me to say that my girlfriend has the same problem every time we try to have sex

Kids Throw Stones at Human Rights Workers

Kids rain stones upon a few human rights workers while the Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint few meters away ignore it

Backseat Sex prank

Brilliant prank, but some of the pedestrians where just complete pervs

Chick Blows Chunks On A Rollercoaster Ride

Tit puking and immigrant debate aside, that was some damn good steady camerawork!

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