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Artistic Pool Trick Shots

Those are the kind of shots I take when drunk, well that's how I perceive them anyways when in reality I'm knocking people out left and right with a flying white ball

Most Awkward Sportscaster Ever

I almost had an anxiety attack for him.

Turlington's Lower Back Tattoo Remover - SNL

The ultimate lower back tattoo remover, because lets face it, 80 year olds with tattoos are filthy

How Not to a Pogo Stick Back Flip

I think we need to hire Thurston Thithertherton to do all future video commentating from now on

Man Robs A Store With A Giant Stick

I may be going out on a limb here, but I'm thinking he wood try something different next time, all depending on how this stems out.

Washing a Laptop

Just one of the many reasons why children are a bad idea to have

Skier Takes Some Serious Wood To The Face

Skier's specialty is taking wood to the face.

The Drunken Crow

Even the birds in Russia are alcoholics.

The World's Coolest Baby

I could easily take him to some emo concerts!

Ball Slamming

One thing is for sure, these guys have some big balls

AC-130 Gunship Takes Out Insurgents Near a Mosque

The insurgents need to play some Call of Duty 4, if they had played it then they would know blowing up a house of prayer is a strict no-no. Next time stick around inside the mosque and thus avoid being blown to pieces by high explosive rounds

Bear Grylls Drinks His Own Piss

There isn't much Bear Grylls would not do to get his survival expertise across, including guzzling down his own warm urine

When Two Idiots Get onto a Motorcycle

One of the guys used his face to cushion his bike against that wall, so crafty

Amazing Beer Fetching Dog

Looks like he is just one step closer to making women obsolete.

Runaway Semi Crashes Down Street

More than a couple of people will now be in need of clean underwear. Wow.

Climbing Into an SUV Balancing on Two Wheels

While an SUV is in motion and balancing on 2 wheels, an insane guy jumps on the back of the SUV and climbs into the side window

The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

That was an immensely satisfying ten minutes.

Dude Wipes Out On Live News

That's got to be embarrassing!

Drunk Brazilian Soccer Fan Falls From the Bleachers

Nice camera work they got there on the guy, getting multiple shots from every angle is always more important than lifting a finger in an effort to stop the drunken bastard from falling

Wrestler Knocks Himself Out

Never mind an opponent, just put this guy in the ring with himself!

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