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God's Gonna Cut You Down

An amazing video portraying one soldiers 2006 tour in Ramadi, Iraq

The Evil Mary Poppins

The wicked Mary Poppins terrorizes London casuing Londoners to runs for their lives

Tricycle Crash

Nothing says "I want to audition for Jackass" like riding a tricycle down a hill into a fence

Lucky Man Barely Misses A Bus Crash

God decided at the last second that this wasn't a cool enough way for him to die.

Chainsaw Wielding Toy

Not exactly sure what the point of this ad is, but that toy clown looks pure evil

Luckiest SOB Ever

This guy comes just a few feet from being destroyed by a car.

Cops Searching For Butt Sniffer

I didn't realize butt sniffing is a crime. My dog is in serious trouble.

Hockey Shot Tears Through The Net

Damn, that was a hella powerful shot. I'd hate to have to block that.

Biker Crashes Insanely Fast

Has anyone else ever though about putting down a spike strip at one of these events?

Fire Extinguisher Flight On A Train

Great, now this planted the idea of trying this in my head for when I'm drunk.

Dirt Biker Blows The Audiences Mind

He takes you through a roller coaster of emotions. At one point I was crying, and then I was clapping, and then I was on the floor naked.

What Really Happened To Abe Lincoln

All that Presidentin' got to his head.

Man Has a Minor Mishap at the Gas Station

I say minor yet mean major. Guy must own an Xbox, too used to wireless technology

Street Racers Get into a Nasty Accident on a Portuguese Bridge

If you’re gonna be dumb, you better be tough

British GT Racer Escapes 100MPH Fireball Crash

I see captain obvious was there. "That's on fire that is" You Don't say...

Dave Chappelle Before He Was Famous

I like the part where they didn't waste half an hour with the asshole judges.

Steeple Chase Contestant Faceplants

This chick might want to practice jumping. Its harder then it looks.

Ever Seen A Doggy Threesome?

Now you can say you have almost seen everything!

Cialis Keeps You Hard

Cuba Gooding Jr. didn't seem like the Cialis type, but then again he didn't seem like the beach jogging type either

Man Being Chased by Cops Throws his Baby Out the Door

I'd say he pretty much just forfeited the custody battle

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