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Streaker Love Story

With stories like this flowers just wont cut it this Valentines day...

Van Crashes and Sends the Driver Flying

That reminded me of the "Don't be a dummy" crash dummy commercials back in the 90's. So remember kids, don't be a dummy, wear a seatbelt

Delivery Truck Driver Crashes into 2 Parked Cars & Runs

Now that is what I call a speedy delivery, hoho

Watch and Learn

This video is a must see for everyone, it clearly shows some of the most important things you should always follow

The Real Hustle - Cash Machine Scam

The Hustlers show how scammers can rig an ATM using a device that can read your card's data while a camera records your pin code. So lesson learnt, in the future spend at least 5 hours inspecting the machine before getting money out

Fishing a Shark with a Shotgun

Just another day out fishing with the Rambo family

Parking Tickets Issued On Live TV

I'm surprised she didn't issue them a ticket for loitering, too.

Woman Faceplants Hard Off a Segway

4 old, independent women acting like kids? It must be Segs in the City

Jessica Simpson Security vs Paparazzi Brawl

Jessica Simpson was caught up in the middle of a brawl while she was shopping when a security guard charged at a paparazzi… bet he just wanted to impress Jessica in the hopes of becoming Mr. Simpson one day

Two Legged Goat

This is what you get when you cross a goat with an ostrich

Kids Fight During a Hockey Practice

That kid got it handed to him pretty good, even his teammate leveled him

Wrong Way To Swap Motors

I didn't know its legal to have hyenas as pets in the US?

Lacrosse Fight

Pretty much just like an ice hockey fight, minus the ice and skates of course... so pretty much like an ice hockey fight minus the good bits

Pee Wee Hockey Fight

By far the funniest hockey fight I've ever seen, because everyone knows little kids falling over on ice is hilarious (as long as they don't hurt them selves)

Epic Wardrobe Commercial

It makes perfect sense to me!

Sprayer Hose Vs. Weakling

That's some serious recoil. This guy definitely shouldn't take up skeet shooting.

Korean Teacher Beats Student

I don't know what the student did, but I'm sure it didn't deserve beats to the head - :O

Kid Busts His Bike And Face

That's what you get for buying a bike at Walmart!

Definitely A Good Purchase

Did you hear the little squibble of pleasure he got when he bit into that?

The Creepiest Dance Ever

I think I'm done with the internet for today.

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