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Massive Oil Tank Explosion

This was filmed from over 3KM away, too!

Difficult Woman Gets Tasered by Cops

When a police officer says to you "your gonna get tasered" that's usually a good time to shut the hell up and do what your told, or else your gonna be squealing like a little pig

Guy Gets Nailed By Traffic

Maybe next time he will look both ways... oh wait.

How Blind People Cook Alone how come I don't see them working at McDonalds more?

Japanese Marathon Fail

They should have presented him with a katana to fall on at the finish line.

The Cat Final Countdown

It's happening, and it's real.

Andy Blitz in India - Conan O'Brian

Andy Blitz goes to India to resolve his pop-up problem

Shit Girls Say

Whenever a girl asks me if I'm good with computers, I cringe.

Highway Accidents Compilation

Maybe its safer to just start walking everywhere...

Star Wars in 3 minutes Using Toy Figures

No actual Star Wars Toys, Models, or Sets were harmed during the making of this film

Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit

Angel Summoner & BMX Bandit are the deadliest crime fighting duo around, well one of them is, the other is good with a BMX

Father Makes Son Wear a Sign

A father makes his 14 year old son wear a sign around him in order to discipline his son, who was abusing drugs

Punch & Run

The ultimate sucker punch, be talking to one guy then punch another, only to run away after

Always Look Both Ways Before Crossing

Some people need to wear a helmet for just everyday life.

We Suck Prank

One of the students at the opposing teams school planned this elaborate prank against the other team. He got them to hold signs up at the start of the 3rd quarter that spelled "WE SUCK". Too bad he got expelled afterwards

Backstreet Cloggers - Americas Got Talent

Ok so they have some skills, but that doesn't mean they don't look extremely gay

Chris Jericho Flips Out

Wrestler Chris Jericho gets overwhelmed by the crowd and drops some loud bitch.

Ice Skate to the Face

Jessica Dube's ice skating accident where she got her partners skate to her face


In the spring of 2006, Hasbro launched what was instantly determined to be one of the worst products of all time. Called the Oozinator, it was a super soaker gun that shot water and a white, gooey substance they called "Bio Ooze". This is what happened just before they launched the product.

Greatest Putt Putt Shot Ever

I found this video tricky to masturbate to.

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