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Baby Pot Roast

Baby; the other, other white meat

Customer At Internet Cafe Shoots 2 Robbers

Two men attempt to hold up an internet cafe, when an elderly man pulls out his gun and opens fire!

Motorcyclist Totals His Bike And His Self-Esteem

It only cost this guy about $12,000 to realize he doesn't know how to do a wheelie.

Nigerian Scammers Busted by the Police

EFCC bust Nigerian 419 scammers in a cybercafe, I loved the part where one of the Nigerian officers goes "fire, fire, WOOHOO WOO"

Backyard Wrestler Lands Extremely Badly on his Neck

"Me and this guy are going out and getting drunk and raping hookers" now that sounds like a party not to miss, too bad that wrestler kid is probably dead now and will just have to miss out on all the hooker raping fun

Dog Nearly Gets Blown Up by an EOD

There will come a point that Iraqi dogs will have had enough of the US army, and nothing is scarier than a pissed off Doberman willing to lay his life down for Allah

Rocket Carrying a Satellite Explodes after Liftoff

Seems kinda odd they missed a 17 foot long crack. I mean this ain't rocket scie... oh wait, yes it is

Little Kid Dances With his Chopsticks

I swear someone is bound to get bullied so badly at school, or maybe he fights off the bullies with his chopsticks

The Human Toilet

He has got it backwards. My head would been were the seat was.


Even after anger management, it can't be escaped! FFUU!!!

TV Show Host Gets Attacked By A Python

Steve Erwin just rolled over in his grave.

Billy Mays Obama Interview

This should be broadcasted around the US.

Put This Guy On ESPN

His name is Booker Corrigan, and he should narrate my life. Nifty, huh?

Caution Advised - Extreme Booty

I watched this clip 3 days ago and am still sick and haven't been able to sleep due to nightmares, so I decided to share my pain with you all - :(

Carwash Gone Wild

The pressure hose goes completely apeshit all over their car!

Crazy Party Raccoons Get Their Groove On

"Dude, have you check out this waaaall? It's like the best wall ever." "No man you gotta try this wall over here, it's the bomb." "Switch?" "Hellz yeah!"

Female Hosts Hair Gets Caught on a Singers Pendant

He couldn't stop, because everyone would see he was really lip-synching. And so she suffers for his art

Bicyclist Nailed By Lead Motorcycle

Way to ruin the entire race!

Incest Couple Gets Interviewed

I hope they plan to homeschool their kids. I can already think of a few good insults that could be yelled out in the halls.

New Numa - The Return of Gary Brolsma

Gary Brolsma, the internet celebrity famous for his lip-sync of the Numa Numa dance, (Dragostea Din Tea by O-Zone) is back with yet another crazy video

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