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Little Kid Vs. Playset Door

Red rover red rover, let that little rascal get plowed over.

Reversing a 4x4 Downhill Gone Bad

No worries, that'll buff right out

Suicidal Moroccan Girl Attempts to jump Out a Window

She'll really want to kill herself when she sees that killer plumber's crack she was sporting

Love Your Car

I says in the Bible "Love your car more then you love your fellow man"

South Korean Protestor Torches Himself

Those South Korean protestors are seriously devoted, this was a protest to denounce the free trade agreement

Mother Hits her Child with a Shopping Bag

That mother carries a lot of emotional baggage

Baby Monkey Riding On A Piggy

I know you've always wanted to see a baby monkey riding backwards on a pig.

Neighborhood Fireworks Mishap

That was so awesome even the cars were cheering.

Surfer Brawl

When surfers aren't surfing, looking for new surf spots or smoking weed they are fighting other surfers... about surfing, new found surf spots and weed

Creepy Exorcist Girl

Some girl does the creepy stair walk from the Exorcist

Snowmobile Crash

Trailer to the DOME!

New Prison Trend: Tattoo Your Eyes

Uhh... why did you stab a needle in your eye? Prisoner: Duhh... more like why not?

Horse Slams Through Windshield

...and off to the glue factory he goes.

EpicHigh School Football Fail

He pretty much just said, "F**k It", at the end there.

Guy Gets A Surprise Nap

Guys in track suits are always overly aggressive.

LAPD Officer Killed in Pileup

Extreme chain reaction vehicle pileup caused the death of an LAPD officer who was struck on his motorcycle by another vehicle.

Israeli Police Shoot Dead a Crazy Man in a Bulldozer

The Palestinian in the front-end loader had just shortly before gone on a killing spree, driving into a bus and several cars in Jerusalem, killing three and injuring several others

Unfortunate Name

Seriously what a fagot... I mean Fagot? Bob Fagot? Wow did his parents hate him or what

Elderly Man Gets Beaten By his Care Taker

I do not ever condone violence towards women. On this occasion I would make an exception

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