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The Adorable Dancing Dog

I'd try to make a quick buck off that dog. Just rent him out to retirement homes so old lonely people have dancing partners.

The Best Prank I've Seen In Ages

By the way, that was a sheep sound, not a goat. I don't know how I know that...

Chick Tries To Steal A U-Haul Truck

Fake. It's impossible for a woman to drive 2 1/2 hours without having an accident.

Foul Mouthed Crossdresser Chases a Bunch of Kids

All the kids love a clown, especially a foul mouthed one But seriously, where are a few drunk rednecks when you need 'em?

Street Racers Vs. Oncoming Traffic

Wow, and they got up to like 35 MPH too!

Small Town Fist Fight

Just to make sure they hit a few major stereotypes, they had to park their trucks in a ring around the fight.

Not Even Jesus Could Make Fishing This Good

Those fish have been watching "The Cove".

Biker Ends Up with a Black Eye When Jumping Down Stairs

Next time just walking down the stairs might be easier

Blonde Chick Gets Creamed During Race

She can throw her Olympic dreams out the window.

Orcas vs Seal

Orcas use their wits to catch a tasty seal steak. Much to the joy of Greenpeace, who would much rather see Orcas munch down a salad, the seal escapes back onto the ice

Caught Giving Yankee Doodle A Yank

You're much better off jerking it in the bushes or inside a dumpster.

Your Manhood is on Fire

Always got to be careful around barbeques

Man Attempts to Kill two Saudi Police

How the hell did he manage to miss both those cops at such a close range blasting away with his AK47, must be those crazy Italian table cloths they wear around their head

Random Stuff in Microwaves - Brainiac

Brainiac stuffs two microwaves full of anything they can think of

Oslo Bombing Witness Can't Shut Up About His Workout

Hope he didn't chomp down on his spotters nut sack when the bomb went off.

Snake Climbs Up Reporters Shorts

Well reports can sort of be classified as snakes too, so it was just mating

Boat Gets Too Close To Collapsing Glacier

A boat gets close to a collapsing glacier and gets hit by chunks of ice and a wave.

Dumb Skateboarder With an Appropriate Soundtrack

If only all of natural selection had a sound track...

Man Falls Out Of A Moving Ambulance

That's why you wait until AFTER you got to the hospital to tell them you don't have insurance.

Subway Stops Inches Short of Hitting Woman

How the hell did she manage to fall in like that? Maybe she needed to be hit by a train to cure whatever bout of idiocy came over her.

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