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Fight Breaks Out on Bulgarian Big Brother

And that was the last time anyone in the Big Brother house made fun of Kristov's favorite knitted sweater

Banned Winston Cigarette Commercial with the Flintstones

Fred and Barney get down with a Winston cigarette, I also hear Fred was an alcoholic and Barney used to shoot heroine

Skiier Has A Huge Wipeout

9.6, he let his form falter at the end.

Police Officer Caught Fapping On Duty

Being a police officer is very hands on work.

Iranian Police Beat a Criminal in the Streets

Well the guy being beaten did go around a neighborhood stabbing people, so the beating was somewhat justified, but then again, a trial would have been justified too Warning: Sound is loud

Drunk Cop Beats a Female Bartender

A Chicago police officer is seen here attacking a female bartender out of the blue... Guess she was all out of doughnuts

That's One Hell of A Big Horse

I don't think he was wearing his contacts that day.

Do's And Don'ts of Expanding Foam

You probably never knew all of the powers of foam.

Three Bengal Cats on an Exercise Wheel

I wonder if I can power my house by getting a hundred of these cats

Girl Busted Cheating By Both Guys

Nice teamwork, gentlemen.

Scottish Wife Painting

A clip from the Scottish comedy show Chewing the Fat

Chef Has A Meltdown And Gets Knocked Out

This is what goes on behind the scene at Top Chef.

Escaping Shadow - Lasse Gjertsen

Another cool clip by Norwegian fella Lasse Gjertsen

First World Problems Rap

It ain't easy being well off, lemme tell ya.

11 Year Old Pulls Off An Amazing Dunk

Whatever his mom laces his cereal with, I need some.

Fat Guy Fails At DDR

Yes, I know it's old... but it still made me laugh my ass off.

Barn Explodes Injuring Several Canadian Firemen

One of the cows just farted, and around a fire that means trouble

Japanese Kids Fight Off Zombies Prank

You all laugh now, but the Japanese will be ready for the zombie apocalypse with their advanced training programs. meanwhile the rest of the world will be dying.

Motocross Rider Gets Run Over a Bunch of Times

Hit the reset button already and get back into the race...

Lil Jon Sesame Street Anthem

I think I might just put this on repeat on my big screen TV that I don't actually own but tell people is mine on my blog.

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