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Contestant Can't Add

This contestant can't add 8 and 11.

DMX's First Encounter With Google

Even hardcore gangsters need to learn to use the internet at some time.

Serious Soccer Leg Break

Damn, that has to hurt.

Nobody's Watching - Lost

The comedy duo who go by the name "Nobody's Watching" love lost way to much and here is what they get up to just before the show is about to start

Need to Get to the Bar

All the poor guy wanted was to get to the pub, and his boss comes and starts asking him all kinds of stupid questions - ;)

Going 195 MPH In A GTR

It's gotta be nice to have a rich daddy who leaves his keys out.

Girl on a Bike Crashes into a Pole

A girl riding a bike down a steep hill crashes into a post making a very nice skull bumping sound, for even more entertainment a guy rides his little sledge down the hill to save her but heads for a fence instead

Man Shot to Death on Live TV

You don't need to be a genius (but you do need to be sober and off drugs) to know if you move towards armed police officers threatening them with a knife it isnít going to end so well for you

Why Snapping Turtles Are Called Snapping Turtles

All the evidence you'll ever need is in this video.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Pink

A Facebook prank war gets personal.

Hilarious Glasses Commercial

This one might take you off guard.

Goal Keeper Scores Across Field

Way to completely disgrace the opposing goalie.

When Midgets Collide

Such little people, such big tempers!

Bike Becomes a Unicycle After a Jump

I guess the bike decided to retire without telling him first

The Ping Pong Nut Pain Game

Whoever is filming is clearly from San Francisco

Puppy Love

I have a suspicion that the dog slipped something in his drink.

Soccer Collision Breaks a Kids Neck

Unfortunately for this kid, it's a general rule that if a soccer player is down for more than 10 minutes then it's a real injury and deserves the referee's attention, any less and it's just a tactic out of the Italian play manual

The Worst Gate Keepever Ever

I'll have whatever he's smoking!

Goat Brings Laughter to Iraq

A goat with its head stuck in a bucket or a box of some sort brings laughter to the US troops in Iraq, who were witty enough to tape it thus sharing that laughter with all of us

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