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Prostitutes Fight On A Corner

Hookers are under a lot of pressure from their jobs, sometimes they just snap.

Ever Seen Parkour Like This

These guys have some serious skills. I wish I had friends that could do this.

Iraqi Kids Want Effin Chocolate

Someone needs to throw some Ex-Lax Chocolates at them

Monkey Goes After A Little Girl

...and apparently shes frightened by monkeys.

Skater Falls & Smashes his Front Teeth

Yeah the girls won't like that look, but his boyfriend will love it

The UFO Guy

Apparently Jesus is the same level of real as people going to the bathroom

Lunatic Starts a Fire at a gas Station

Blowing up a gas station won't lower the prices, I guarantee it. So no need for the rest of you crazies to go out and try it

He Did Everything He Could

Doctors have the obligation to do anything they can to save a patient's life. This guy definitely did everything he could think of.

Guy Robs a Store with a Palm Tree

Unlucky for him the storeowner was armed with the only thing more dangerous than a palm tree... a wooden stool

Fat Naked Man Vs. Newscaster

It's a very common past time in the Midwest to run around naked in the snow. No big deal, nothing to see here folks.

Amazing Ultimate Frisbee Catch

This sport needs way more TV coverage.

Cow Runs After a Cop

That's the mad cow disease in action right there

The Hottest Thing Since Zit Popping

Prepare to regret eating that peanut butter sandwich you had earlier.

Danny Stay On Your Bike!


Mace Happy Cops In Miami

I liked when the girl was trying to reason with the cop and then he maced her.

The Crazyass Honey Badger

I was at a loss of words towards the end there. All I could muster was, "crazy".

Mr Inappropriate #2 - Balls of Steel

Mr. Inappropriate is back, and I highly suggest you not take an English class from him

TV Crew Pranks A Hunter

The hunter stereotype of them being idiots just got reinforced by this video.

Women Cannot Park

I understand why some countries don't allow women to drive.

Spanking It With The Roof Open

Do you think this guy's favorite Little Rascal is Alfalfa or is it Spanky?

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