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Don't Talk On Your Phone

This guy learns his lesson after talking on his cellphone at a concert.

Sliding Down a Very Long Escalator

The Escalator broken? In a hurry? No problem, just do what this guy does, be warned though, it comes with a lot of extra pain

Pelican Gets Eaten By A Pigeon

I would have done something very similar. I can't STAND pigeons.

Insanely Talented Guitar Kid

If Justin Beiber can be famous for being gay (right?), this guy can certainly be famous for actually having talent.

Sexy Fan Distracts Rally Car Racer

I would have pulled over and asked her to get in.

Unsuspecting Guy Gets an Exercise Ball Thrown at his Face

No beer was hurt during the making of this cheesy vid

Tanzanian Police hand out some Street Justice

In Tanzania they have such a thing called the Frog correctional system

Whiny Bitch Gets Yelled At

I'm not sure why this video made me laugh so hard, but it did. So shut up and watch it.

Security Guard Falls Off his Chair

I expected him to bounce right back up, seeing how he is a bouncer after all

Spider Yelling

Who is the scary one now? I'd still get a broom and stand 5 feet away though...

Train Plows Into a Semi Truck

He clearly thought the train would turn first. Common cause of train accidents

TV Show Host Passes Out

She manages to make the show that much more entertaining.

Cat Knows How To Sign For Food

Wow, he's already more intelligent than my ex wife.

Pool Hall Idiot Wipes Out

This guy really looks intimidating.

Fixing a Plane's Wing with Duct Tape

Group of men repairing the wing of a plane with some sort of duct tape, nothing fixes a faulty wing like some good old sticky tape

Cars Crash & Pileup on the Pan American Highway

What a great start to Lady's night...

Reporter Faints On Air

She must have seen a picture of my sexy face.

Gamer Gets Really Excited

Dedicated servers? BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

Drunk Cricket Fan Falls in the Stands

He can be proud knowing that he managed to save about two inches of beer there, I bet they will go to excellent use

First Try Flying the Helicopter

For that brief moment he was one with the birds... then he crashed

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