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Porsches Are Chick Magnets

Seriously, the car causes a hot girl to gravitate to the car!

Dog Sings His Soul Out

Tomorrow someone will auto tune this and it will be the next Ke$ha hit.

Quarterback Choke Slammed

That's the way you take care of a quarterback. - :twisted

The Nut Shot World Champion

At least they all have a happy ending. None of these people will ever be able to have children.

320,000 Firework Salute

He really knows how to go out with his "guns blazing".

WoW Kid Has Another Freakout

Steven HATES any sort of exercise. Especially when its really GAY!

5'9 Basketball Player Shuts Down Dunk Contest

This man is an inspiration to average-height men everywhere.

Skaters Fight a Cop

A bunch of skaters and rollerbladers get into an argument with a cop, what yall gonna do!

Asian Chick Has A Seizure On Stage

Maybe it was a musical... and the spastic woman, should die in that scene...

Idiot Crashes His Moped

You know you're retarded if you can't even moped properly.

Girl Gets Owned By Two Bouncy Balls

Apparently she didn't pass physics class.

Saudi Weddings Are Wild

What goes up must come down. Looks like the neighbors might need a new roof.

Turtle Is WOW'ed By Sex

He's either saying WOW, or MOM. I'd like to think its not the latter of the two. I kind of look up to him.

Juggling Russian Kid

This little kid is a very good juggler, seems like a family of circus clowns

Truck Suddenly Appears During a Rally Race

The female voice on his GPS got lost again

The World's Friendliest Crocodile

There is of course the possibility that he just doesn't like Taiwanese food, so Danish tourists, stay back

Kid VS. Iranian Police Officer

I don't know who to root for.

Japanese TV Host Breaks his Neck During a Live Broadcast

It's all fun and games until someone breaks their neck, except in Japan, then it's still fucking hilarious for a good 30 minutes after He was later taken to hospital via a helicopter with serious spinal injuries

Shotgun Recoil Owns An Idiot

When will these dumbasses learn? Hopefully never.

Firework Stick Breaks in a Guys Hand

A Swedish guy tries to fire a firework from his hand but the stick brakes as he is holding it. Apparently one of the girls got serious burns to her left leg due to the explosion, and one guy suffered from a popped eardrum

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