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How Not To Use A Spear Gun

I'd love to see the shiner this guy got after that!

BMX Biker Fails Miserably

I'm really not sure what he was trying to accomplish here.

Backflip Off a Car Ends Badly

I think the real issue is, why do they have a pink car

Skater Who Hates Railings

That railing really had it out for him.

Saudis Fight in a Street

Must be hard fighting in a thawb, not to mention with an Italian table cloth on your head

Arab Running the Treadmill

This had me cracking up, the poor guy kept having to run faster and faster, the screaming was the icing of the cake though

Driver Forgets his Friend After Being Pushed Free

Probably a hitchhiker picked up just for that reason. Use'em and lose him. (Also works with expendable friends)

The Tiddy Bear

This is an actual infomercial and not made up, which adds to its hilarity. The weird bit is why would that bear frown when it's nestled up against a woman bosom like that?

Skunk Storms a Coffee House

A skunk walks into a coffeehouse and sprays up the joint with his natural odor

Your Nutshot of The Day

It's for the best. There aren't any reliable doctors in that part of Georgia that do vasectomies. And obviously we don't want those guys procreating.

Skateboarder Cracks his Head on the Pavement

Karma was just knocking some sense into him

Pizza Guy Phone Prank

This is Scott Mills and his arch nemesis the Scottish pizza guy, aka the rudest guy on Earth. Just listen and enjoy the pure genius of these wind-ups

The Worst Rap Video Ever

I don’t want to make fun of anybody trying to get out of crippling poverty in a country like the Sudan, but this may be the most downbeat romantic rap I’ve ever heard. The awesome thing is that Bangs has way more tracks online.

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Flaming

All it takes is a little gasoline and a lighter and you've got yourself some sweet revenge.

Safety Ceremony Gone Wrong

A press conference to show the quality of his companies construction materials goes bad!

Out of Touch - Music Video

Hell yeah, who wouldn't like to play strip poker with 5 amazing babes, great song too by "Uniting Nations"

Police Brutality at its Finest

The police are so damn corrupt, its ridiculous.

Rifle Shot Ricochet Hits a Guy in the Arm

Looks like the kinda guy who cuts his arms anyway, so no biggie

6 Month Routine - Xfactor

Tim here spent a whole 6 months on perfecting this horrible dance and singing routine, some people should never even consider trying to get onto TV

Thug Attacks A Skater With A Gun

...and gets his ass kicked!

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