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Boy Jumps Right in Front of a Bus

For what looks like a horrible accident he actually got off very, very lucky. He got a broken nose and shoulder. In the future he might want to consider to stop pretending to be an Olympic hurdler around traffic

Children See, Children Do

Great ad about how we should all do our part to make society better, if only for the children's sake

Look Mom, No Hands!

Maybe he should slow down on the tricks.

Live TV Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong, Twice

I can't believe the producers actually let the second attempt go through after the disaster of the first one, apparently the second stunt man broke his pelvis along other injuries

When Traffic Cops Turn Gay

Ever wonder what shenanigans a gay traffic cop would pull? Heres a glimpse of one from Providence.

Skaters Argue With and Hit a Drunk Bum

On some levels the drunk was asking for it, just lucky all 7 of them didn't beat him over the head with their boards

Ghost Rider Fails At Life

There goes all his pride in just a few embarrassing seconds.

Drugged Up Kid After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Get the man some pancakes, STAT! God dammit.

2 Russian Guys Fight in a Hallway

The guy had clearly lost the fight, wasn't even conscious, yet the other guy felt the need to stomp a bit on his face anyways

Old Man Gets Naughty For Hedonism 2

Wow, someone put grandpa back in daycare... NOW!

The Dreaded Pole

Watching that E30 M3 hit that pole makes me wanna puke and cry at the same time.

Laser Pointer Prankster Gets Arrested

He fought the law... and the law won.

Gas Attendant Escapes Death by a Second

I'll fill your tank as soon as I empty my underwear

Fatty Does A Sexy Dance

I didn't know that some of those body parts were capable of jiggling.

Car Collides with a Truck at an Intersection

I think the guy in the red car was more focused on the old lady than the road, can you blame him, she was hot

Amazingly Drunk Serb Falls Out of his Car

It's bad enough being the town drunk, but having the whole town point and laugh at you while you fall into your own puke is something you want to avoid at all costs. Luckily he probably won't remember a thing the day after

Tased Over A Broken Ipod

Just another case of the police acting like they're above the law.

Spanish Driver in a 3 Wheel Car Crashes into Motorbikes

Those bikers are bound to give the driver a few well deserved stomach punches, mainly for driving that little atrocity

Man in Bear Suit Disrupts Reporter Covering Hurricane Ike

Pedobear picked a bad day to go to the beach to lure some young victims back to his cave. And if you don't know who Pedobear is, then shame on you

Road Rage Asshole Gets Run Over

Normally I'd frown on someone running another person over with his car, but this asshole really had it coming.

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