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Dumb Thug Headbutts A Windsheild

I guess when you're already that dumb you have nothing to lose in terms of brain cells.

Australian Cheating

He could sleep with him best friend’s wife, but he could never drink his beer

Amy Winehouse Elbow Punches a Fan

Thank God for that darkened circle, without it I wouldn't have a clue how to spot a fugly junkie with a beehive on her head

Turning Bus Hits into an Oblivious Girl Listening to her iPod

CCTV operators have it made really, all day long zooming in on girls naughty bits

Crazy Road Rage Incident in Italy

I'd be pissed too if drove a Smart Car, ironically the car was the only smart thing in the video

Painful Pool Diving Incident

Nothing beats swimming when you are unconscious.

Hidden Attack Dog Owns A Robber

I would always carry dog treats after that mishap.

Dog Gets a bit Frisky in a Park

He deserves a scooby snack

Amazing Laser Illusionist

He's a witch, burn him!

Fish With A Transparent Head

You can really tell whats on his mind.

Motorcyclist Saves A Drowning Calf

We need more people like this in the world.

Lingerie Football Brawl

I would love to referee this game. Breaking up a fight is like an excuse to cop a feel.

Deformed Midget Skater Takes Out Two People

Meet Jerome, his passion in life is scaring the crap out of 'normal' people by riding his skateboard into them and tripping them over... needless to say Jerome is a scary little guy

Badass Bicycle Kick Goal

This guy stuns the hell out of the goalie and everyone else watching with his kick.

Hilarious Exercise Ball Ownage

Something similar happened to me when I jumped on a fat chick.

Kid Takes a Painful Fall Off an Exercise Ball

Finally has that ultra flat nose he always wanted

Brazilian Girl Crashes a Scooter

I love that little beep at the end

What Seatbelts Are Made For

Always remember to buckle up, otherwise you'll either be through the roof or the windshield.

Fireworks In A Dishwasher

I'd rather see a dishwasher used for this than going to charity.

Saudi Men Beat Their Indian Worker

In their defense he was using a hidden camera to spy on their ladies while they were in the bathroom, or so the story goes

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