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Reality Show Bitch Gets Beaten Down

#1 Most Used Fighting Technique: Hair Pulling.

Unicorn Rides After The Dentist

I personally remember seeing Puff The Magic Dragon, but I guess everyone's different.

September 11 - 5 Year Memorial

The fifth anniversary of the 11 September attacks, I'm not an American but it was a horrible day that deserves to be remembered by all

Goat Keeps on Licking an Electric Fence

This masochistic goat starred in the movie "The Torture Farm IV: Plow me harder"

20 Percentage Extra Free Put to the Test

A guy decided that he should test out the 20% extra free claim written on some of the products in his local minimarket, obviously the store owners weren't very happy at all

Cargo Ship Takes Down The House

Either the cameraman is riding on a kangaroo while filming or he just has really shaky hands.

Kite Boarder Flies 400 Feet Through Air

I'd handcuff my hands to the kite!

Zipline Rider Vs. Nutsack

Any stunt should require that you wear a cup. You never know when a ball conflict will happen.

May I Fart in Your Mouth?

No way, the last time I agreed to this, I got a warm load on my forehead

Bust a Nut!

That is without doubt a very strange fetish

Cockroaches and a Seethrough Coffin

It's always fun to get in a coffin full of cockroaches

Australian 7-Eleven Clerk Gets Stabbed by a Robber

That's a hell of a security screen, too bad about the man sized gap they left in it

Helmet Cam of Biker Getting Smoked

I can only imagine how much of an idiot he probably looked like with a camera strapped to his helmet. I'd have hit him too.

Drunk in his Underwear Picks a Fight with a Teen

For a half naked fat 50 year old, he was kinda tough (up to the exchange of fists part that is)

Japanese Kids and Nintendo

Those crazy little Japanese buggers obviously take great pleasure in the joys of Nintendo

Rubber Band Ball VS Car

A 500lb rubber band ball nails into the side of a Camry

Taxi Cab Gets Nailed At An Intersection

Always remember to look both ways...

German Couple Wants Incest Legalized

He was a 23 year old locksmith. She was a 16 year old student. It was love at first sight. The one problem, they were brother and sister

Asian Reporter Loves Slides

See, people really do never grow up.

Nintendo Amusement Park

O those crazy Japs have done it again - :rolleyes

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