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Diving off a Cliff in a Trolley

A guy dives off a large cliff while in a shopping cart

Tasty Raw Fish - Man vs Wild

Bear Grylls sinks his teeth this time into some tasty raw fish

Old Lady Crashes Into The DMV

Driver to man behind counter: "I'll have a Big Mac and small fries..."

Little Girl Gets Closelined At A Wedding

A wedding is not complete without at least one sobbing child on the dance floor.

Girl Falls Down a Hill The Epic Way

Can somebody call an ambulance?

Girl on an ATV Face Plants

Faceplant fun for the whole family

Insane Idiot Doing Doughnuts

FAIL! He forgot to close the hood.

Dog Plays Dead to Avoid Bath

This dog really does not want to take a bath.

Insanely Talented Guitar Kid

If Justin Beiber can be famous for being gay (right?), this guy can certainly be famous for actually having talent.

I Just F'ing Shot Myself

Great. He probably has a concealed weapons permit too.

Difficult Woman Gets Tasered by Cops

When a police officer says to you "your gonna get tasered" that's usually a good time to shut the hell up and do what your told, or else your gonna be squealing like a little pig

Russian Kid Smacks & Knocks Out his Girlfriend

The little guy wasn't happy when he found her picture on a Russian bride site

Rare Exports from Finland

In Finnish Lapland they hunt a very exotic and rare animal, an animal we are all very familiar with during Christmas…Yes, they hunt father Christmases and ship them oversees

Goal Keeper Scores Across Field

Way to completely disgrace the opposing goalie.

A Giant Paddle Boat

Who the hell needs a motor anyway?

165 Feet Bungee Cord Breaks in Mexico

Too many chimichangas overloaded that cord

Guy in a Shopping Cart hit by a Car

I hope that shopping cart is ok, nothing worse than getting a shopping cart with one wheel broken

Brazilian Reporter Punched by Celebrity

The celebrity probably didn't like his goofy looking teeth, which is absolutely understandable

The Nut Shot World Champion

At least they all have a happy ending. None of these people will ever be able to have children.

Hobo Singer With Voice of Gold

This guys got some serious talent. Too bad hes homeless.

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