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Massive Propane Fireball Explosion In Toronto

For a second there I thought the Russians were attacking

Kitty Hates The Morning's

A few cups of coffee and she'll be fine.

Worst Bid Ever On Price Is Right

This dumb idiot thought i'd be smart to bid $250,000 for a Price is Right showcase. Can you guess what happened?

Compilation of Japanese Traffic Accidents

A lot of Japanese drivers seem to have a "I don't care, I'm going through" attitude, or they could just be blind

Ice Skating For Cars

EJECT! EJECT! *pulls lever below seat*.

He Will Never Live This Down

This is one of my greatest fears in regards to swimming pools.

British Soldiers Under a Mortar Attack

I'd say those are very professional soldiers, kept cool heads the whole time, and that "excuse my language" was classic

Musical Rollerblader

This clips is very cool, it's of a rollerblader who plays music by hitting the side of his blades against loads of bottles aligned down a street

Female Clerk Pulls Her Own Gun on an Armed Robber

The minute Captain Voiceover said "Longview, Texas" I just knew there would be a bunch of guns involved. Not the best place to go attempting an armed robbery

Fat Man Dances By Himself At The Bar

Talk about a cardio workout. That guy probably sweated out all the shrooms without having to restart his Miley Cyrus track.

Plowing Your Driveway With the Car

This woman didn't want to spend the $5 on getting the boy next door to plow her driveway, so she just did it her self with the family car

Dude VS. Glass Door

He never saw that one coming... literally.

Old Man Beats Up A Bully

Way to stand up for whats right old man! Now, go take a sitz bath and light some candles.

Kicking An Apple Off A Guys Head

He might want to have better aim than this...

Ladies, He Is Single!

I can see why there's a hole in his boxers...

Who Knew Chemistry Could Be Fun

Or even a little bit gay?

Toilet Head Prank

Hilarious hidden camera prank where a guy pops his head out of a toilet when people are just about to start using it - :D

Camel Gets Hit by a Car & Just Walks Away

Did anybody get the number of that camel?

A Joke Becomes Real

So a black guy, a rabbi, and a priest board a plane.

Really Fast Puncher

He could probably knock me out if I had a few drinks in me.

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