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Barn Explodes With Firefighters Near

A cow must have farted right at the point where the guys were going in... - :eek

Beer Run Robbery Gone Bad

This could have used a lot more planning...

Maid Gets Caught on Cam Abusing a Baby

Some people really deserve to die. This would be one of them

Dog Sits On A Chain

I want this dog. I might steal it, seriously.

Cheetah Bites a Journalist in the Arm

Damn, that wildlife specialist boxed that cheetah like it was a common house dog

Drunken Fool at a Sidewalk

That's going to be me on New Year's eve

RC Plane Almost Takes A Guys Head Off

That was the actual jet flown by Tom 'Thumb' Cruise in Top Gun. icon_beer.gif

Hot Chicks Fail At Drinking Game least they're hot?

Man Tries to Bet Weed at a Blackjack Table

That's the first time I've ever seen a casino refuse to take someone's green

SWAT Storms Two Fortified Crack Houses

Dallas SWAT takes down a pair of fortified crack houses. The poor druggies will never know the ending to the movie they were watching when the SWAT team burst in

Backflipping Pit Bull

He throws in a twist and an extra violent head shake when you throw up an infant

Knife Wielding Madman gets Tasered

See the new tasers with a camera mounted on them in action, as a madman with a knife gets tasered pretty good

Tommy Boy

Ah yes don't we all love it when a salesman decided to demonstrate his product/service by playing with and burning objects in your office

Giant Centipede Vs. Snake

Who ya got? I got a hammer and a serious fear of spiders.

Adorable Otters Bouncing Up And Down

Now they just need to get them synchronized and they can make millions!

Why ADD Medicine Was Invented

Good lord, these kids need to be tied to a chair.

Toothpick in the Microwave

I think the message of this clip was "Don’t try this at home"

Drugs Are Bad News Bears

Before even considering driving a car, its important to always make sure you can still stand and form a semi-coherent sentence.

Another Break Dancer Knocked Out

He just invented a new move. It's called the 90 degree flip.

Bad Idea Bloopers

Compilation of bad ideas caught on tape

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