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Asian College Kids Are Nerdy

While they synchronize their crowds cheering, I'll be busy getting hammered in the janitors closet with an 8 year old bottle of Fleishmans I found in my parents cupboard.

Pole Dancing Marine

Well we know what he will be doing after the war

Stewie Drunk - Family Guy

Stewie, just like any baby these days, loves to hit the booze or spend a late night at the strip club. In this clip he might have had just one to many drinks

Best Epic Fails Ever

Why sort through all the crap, here's the best.

People Fight in the Streets of Toronto

How often does the cameraman have to welcome us to Canada? I know Canadians are supposed to be very friendly but 3 welcomes is a bit over the top

Police Stun and Mace Angry Protestors in New Orleans

Someone must have been macing that lady's G-Spot the way she was shrieking in the background

Biker Gets Nailed On The Highway

That almost looked like an intentional hit.

Brawl During Canadian Football

Since when is Canadian football hardcore?

Turtle Boy

It puts the green on its skin or it gets the hose again

Fresh Food

This supermarket scares me actually, bit too fresh for my taste

Two Sisters Get into a Stairway Fight

Both of them were equally eager to get up the stairs to the kitchen to make me a tuna sandwich

Epic See Saw Fail

You see, he saw, and he failed.

Missile Doesn't Get Too Far

It's just this kind of video that will encourage the terrorists to continue throwing rocks at our tanks.

Canadian Anti-Tank Missile Malfunction

French Canadian troops testing out a new anti-tank missile, one that appears to surrender mid flight


The Todd from Scrubs has a little message for you

Woman Starts Swearing While Getting Arrested for DUI

And she kisses her girlfriend with that mouth?

Chick Fails Epically At Kicking

...but can she throw a football?

How to Wrestle an Octopus

Wow this is really good to know, I have to figh an octopus every morning on my way to the office. Very valuable info from the Japanese once again

Building Demolition Gone Bad

I guess they got it half right...

Surfer With Too Much Time On His Hands

How long do you go before you say, "I'm tired of just surfing, man. I think I'll bring my alpaca out there with me today."

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