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Poor Old Man Falls Down an Escalator

Those people in the background laughing need to have a ride down the escalator

Crazy Birdman At The Park

Is this who Lil Wayne is talking about when he refers to the Birdman?

Judge Gets Pulled Over for a DUI

Wouldn't want to be a judge in jail, might run into a few of the guys you put into that very jail

High Fives at the Leaning Tower of Pisa

The looks on the faces of these tourists, who are all pretty much doing the standard "hold up the leaning tower" for their photos, is priceless!

Westboro Baptist Church Nutjobs Run From Crowd

A video of the Westboro Baptist Church members getting escorted away in hurry after their protest of a soldier's funeral turned nasty (these nutters say the soldier deserves to rot in hell for he fought for a country that allows homosexuality). The townsfolk of Seaford, Delaware turned up in their hundreds to protest Westboro Church's protest and eventually drove them away with force even with the overwhelming police presence

Octopus Vs. School of Leather Jackets

Well, the octopus's defense measures sucked a surprising amount of balls.

Old Man Eats Live Snakes

I know a girl that will eat your snake in a parking lot for $25.

Most Epic Beatbox Battle

Just wait for it, it's worth it.

Star Wars Manners

Succumb to the Dark side when you use your cell phone during the movie, you do. Turn it off, you will. Get down in front, you will

Take Him To Detroit

Is Detroit really THAT bad?

Lazy UPS Driver

That big 30 foot walk to the house just wasn't worth it apparently.

Mummy Monkey Doesnt Like You

Poor little monkey, no one loves him

The Strangest Animal Ever

I have absolutely no clue what the hell this thing even is.

Out of Control Elephant Invades a Restaurant

That must have been one unsatisfied customer, no peanut soup on the menu can make you pissed

Line Drive Home Run Nails Guy In The Face

That's why I always wear a helmet out in public.

Asian Teacher Fights A Student

That's one way to teach the kid a lesson.

Doggy Prays Before Breakfast

Fake. This Dog worships Satan.

Drifting Right in Front of a Saudi Cop

This guy just drifted his ass right to jail

Tower Demolition Gone Wrong

Who knows, maybe they only wanted it a few floors shorter...

Dumb Skateboarder With an Appropriate Soundtrack

If only all of natural selection had a sound track...

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