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Bad Weather Ruins A Cruise Ship Lunch

I wanted my drink stirred, not shaken asshole.

Skateboarder Cracks his Head on the Pavement

Karma was just knocking some sense into him

Mentally Disabled Man Hits Kid; Gets Knocked Out

I'm really not sure who is right in this situation. Its kinda like the "What came first, the chicken or the egg" dilemma.

Giant Bubbles on The Beach

This guy creates huge bubbles.

Taken Filmed With A Real Dad

I think the movie would have played out a lot more like this had it been a normal family.

The Disco Owl

He knows how to get down!

Guy Pranks his Aunt Nearly Giving her a Heart Attack

And just how long was it going to take her to get over that fence? It was like watching a retarded midget trying to hump a doorknob

Dog Caught Red-Handed

It's going to take a lot of explaining to get out of this one...

Will Ferrell Answers Interviewer's Phone

Meanwhile the person on the other end just crapped their pants.

Ever Been Covered In Puppies?

I can't say I have either, but it gives me something to wish for...

Girl Caught in an Escalator Knocks Over a Table

It looks like she was just trying to have a "good time" if you know what I mean

The Calmest Cameraman Ever

This guy must have taken a few chill pills before he turned on the camera.

7-Eleven Employee Beats Up a Drunk

Come to 7-11 and get your ass kicked so bad you need to drink Slurpees through a straw... oh wait...

Washing a Laptop

Just one of the many reasons why children are a bad idea to have

Anna Nicole Wasted and in Clown Makeup

Barely functional Anna Nicole Smith, stammering and stuttering, as Howard K. Stern rhapsodizes about how much money the clip will be worth, guess he only cared about one thing

What Baseball Players Do When Bored

I'd actually find this more entertaining than baseball.

Soccer Game Gets Interrupted By A Tornado

This is just further proof that God hates soccer.

Mountain Biker Faceplants

What a shame he had the sense to wear a full protective helmet like that, takes away the carnage


A camel munches on another camel, and here I was thinking camels where nice like the care bears

Zelda Gone Nuts

What the hell have the Japanese done to Zelda, I used to respect that elf - :(

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