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Punching Bag Holder Gets Nailed - Punker Gets Knocked Out in a Backyard Fight
Punker Punches a Guy in the Street - Pure Dee Pink Top
Pure Dee Popsicle Fun - Pussy & Vibrator
Pussy Clap - Quad Stunt Gone Bad
Quad Wheelie Goes Wrong - Quentin Tarantino Pushes a Paparazzi Away
Quesadillantor - Rabbis in da Shul - 50 Shekel's
Rabbit Doesn't Obey Physics - Race Car Crashes into the Side of Another Race Car
Race Car Drifts Into A Group Of Spectators - Racecar Learns To Fly
Racecar Wheel Goes Airborne - Rachel Stevens Wants you to Touch Your Balls
Racing Greyhound Falls Yet Still Comes in First - Raikkonen Injures and Drags a F1 Pitstop Crew Member
Rain Delay Dance Off - Rally Car Crashes Into A Crowd
Rally Car Crashes Into A River - Rally Car Hits a Deer
Rally Car Hits a Group of Spectators - Rally Car Racer Takes Wife For Ride
Rally Car Rams The Crowd - Ram VS Swing
Ramp Jump Ends in a Faceplant - RapCat - Meow Meow
Rape Suspect Goes Berserk in a Courtroom - Rasta Dude VS Pole
Rats run wild in NYC KFC and Taco Bell - Real Life Cabbage Patch Kid
Real Life Cat Lady - Real Life Ricky Bobby
Real Life Spiderman - Really Long Rollerblade Grind
Rebecca Black Unplugged - Red Sox Fan Gets Tackled & Taken Down
Redbull Pilot Pulls Off An Amazing Save - Redneck Burnout Fail
Redneck Deer Surfing - Ref Shows Whose Boss
Referee Wins A Match - Removing A Glass Eye
Ren and Stimpy are Gay - Reporter Chick Gets Epically Demolished
Reporter Cracks Up - Reporter Falls Into Shit Water
Reporter Fights Off Drunk Dudes - Reporter Gets Pissed Off
Reporter Gets Taken Out Hard by a Sled - Reporter Makes Her Own Language
Reporter Makes Kid Cry - Reporter Survives Water Torture
Reporter With Balls of Steel - Restaurant Owner Shoots Robbers
Retard Walks Into A Glass Window - Reversing a 4x4 Downhill Gone Bad
Revolution - A Response to Dove's Evolution - Ridiculous Insurance Commerical
Rifle Recoils Galore - Riot Gun Recoil To The Nuts
Riot Police Brutality - Ripping Ass Is No Joke
Risky Business Dance Wipeout - Road Kill Compilation
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