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Man Dragged From A Sewer After 3 Days - Man Falls Out Of A Moving Ambulance
Man Falls Through a Shed Roof - Man Gets Arrested for Removing a Sheet Covering a Body
Man Gets Beaten When Trying to Stop Fighting Kids - Man Gets Impaled on a Fence While Running From Police
Man Gets Orgasmic Over Pileup - Man Gets Tased for Not Getting his License Quickly
Man Goes Completely Berserk in an Office - Man Has a Foul Mouthed Outburst in a Court Room
Man Has a Minor Mishap at the Gas Station - Man Jumps Off 100 Ft Cliff Fail
Man Kicks his Attorney and gets Tasered in a Courtroom - Man on PCP Goes Crazy in the Middle of a NYC Street
Man Pees on a Bus & Pays the Price - Man Punches his Attorney in the Face
Man Purposely Trips A Chick At Airport Security - Man Runs Over Anti War Protestors With his Car
Man Saves a Drowning Chimpanzee - Man Shoots 2 Store Clerks in Cold Blood
Man Shoots a Cop After a Traffic Stop - Man Steals Bus And Tears Through The City
Man Survives Train Accident - Man Tries to Kill his Ex-Wife with a Sawed-Off Shotgun
Man Tries to Run Down a Cop - Man Walks Away From IED Attack
Man Who Abused his Sister in Law gets Hit with a Shovel - Management Leisure Suit
Manager Literally Steals First Base - Manipulators Tearing a Car to Pieces
Manix Condoms - Manwash
Marathon Runner Gets Hit by a Tram - Marine vs Bee
Marines Come Inches From Death - Marriage Proposal Fail
Marriage Proposal Gone Bad - Mascot Gets Jiggy With It
Mascot Owns A Ref - Massive Shark Sighting At Panama City Beach
Massive Skateboarding Faceplant - Matador Gets Impaled
Mate! - McRobbery With Masks And Guns
Meanwhile At A Pizza Hut In India - Medical Helicopter Crashes During Landing
Medical Marijauana Store Robbery - Mega Rail Fail
Mel Gibson and Christian Bale Call Each Other - Men and Women Explained by a Sheikh
Men Fight with Brass Knuckles in the Streets of Prague - Mercedes Crashes & Slides Upside Down Along an Autobahn
Mercedes Driver Taunts the Police - Messing With Drugged Up Kids
Messing With The Driving Instructor - Mexican Soccer Fan Throws a Drum at a Riot Cop
Mexican Star Trek - Mad TV - Michelle Torn Plays with her Boobs
Microlight Parachute Deployed Too Early - Mid Air Jet Collision
Midair Fueling Mishap - Midget Randomly Jumps Onto a Skaters back
Midget Runs from a Cop - Mike Tyson's Craziest Moments
Mike Tyson: The Funny Guy - Militant Black Guy - Balls of Steel
Military Convoy Gets Ambushed - Milk Shake Straight from the Cow
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