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The Heimlich Dog - The Homeless Dog
The Homeless Trash Talker - The Human Can Opener
The Human Driving Range - The Hunt is on in Iraq
The iBrator - The Infamous Spider Dog
The Insane Human Slingshot - The Joker by Fatboy Slim - Music Video
The Joy of Non Sex - The Kitty Corner-Shot Gun
The Klu Klux Kat - The Laziest Dog In The World
The Laziest Human Being Alive - The Lightning Just Missed
The Lingerie Football League - The Luckiest Cop Ever
The Luckiest Day of Their Lives - The Luckiest People On Earth
The Luckiest Skateboarder On Earth - The Many Faces of Hillary
The Masked Cop Killer - The Mexican Ambulance Incident
The Milkshake Dance - The Most Badass Tackle Ever
The Most Beautiful Girl In The Lab - The Most Epic Puke Save Ever
The Most Epic Shot Ever - The Most Jaw Dropping Thing You'll See All Day
The Most Patient Cat Ever - The Narcoleptic Dog
The Nerdiest Man On Earth - The News Anchor With No Empathy
The Next Boy Band are Hooked on a Feeling - The Ninja Outfielder
The Ninja Spider Attacks - The Odds of Dying
The Old Dick On Back Prank - The Paper House
The PBR Commercial You Won't See - The Perfect Father
The Perfect Way to Park - The Portuguese Glue Man
The Pot Hole From Hell - The Proper Way To Demolish a Building
The Pubic Hair Mustache - The Real Grinch
The Real Hustle - Cash Machine Scam - The Real Hustle - The Jeweler Shop Scam
The Real Hustle - The Long Stick - The Real World - Ikea
The Really Bad Grandpa Prank - The Rollerman - Jean-Yves Blondeau
The Romanian Grandpa Fight Club - The School Bus Rodeo
The Scooter Thief - The Sexiest Kid Show Ever
The Sexiest Maid Ever - The Sickest Rap Battle Ever
The Silliest Car Theft Ever - The Skiing Ostrich
The Skunkapult - The Smoking Crab
The Snazzy Napper - The Staple Slap
The Stardust Hotel Demolished - The Suckiest Band EVER
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