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Bulls Take the Lead in Pamplona - 10 Swat Officers Take Down a Prisoner on PCP
10 Things A Gynocologist Should Not Do - 101 of Homers Jobs
101 Rubber Chickens - 115 MPH Rally Car Crash
12 Shots, 1 Faceplant - 15 Year Old Teens Go on a High Speed Rampage
15 Year Old Wants a Baby - 19-Year-Old Defending Gay Couples Kills It
1959 Chevrolet Bel Air vs. 2009 Chevrolet Malibu - 2 Blondes Share a Liquorice
2 Colombian Bomb Squad Guys Blow Up With a Bomb - 2 Knights - Whose Line is it Anyway
2 Legged Hero Dog - 2 Students Beat by a Crowd on a Chinese College Campus
2 Workers Die in a Russian Crane Accident - 25 Most Annoying Voices in Music by Rick Miller
250ml Rhythm with Redbull - 3 Second Beer
3 Suspects Try to Escape on Foot After a Car Chase - 35 Tons of Ammo Blown Up
360 Alley Oop - 450lb Marlin Stolen By A Shark
4th of July Ass Bottle Rocket - 50 Bucks for Pantyhose
50 Cal to the Head - 7 Seconds in the Nürburgring
7 Year Old Brings Crack to School - 74 Days of Food Decomposing
747 Jet Blasts People on a Beach - 9 Year Old Freaks Hockey Star
90's Blockbuster Training Video - A Bad Way To Start The Day Off
A Bear on a Trampoline does a Faceplant - A Creepy Fat Child
A Direct Hit To The Nuts - A Geography Lesson from Miss Teen South Carolina
A Giant Paddle Boat - A Knee Full of STFU
A Lapdance With Death - A Mass of Daddy Long Legs
A Montage of Fat People - A Picture a Day of Ben - Spoof
A Possible Al-Qaeda Recruiting Film - A Solution To Your Blues
A Time Lapse of Someone With AID's - A Video To Cheer You Up
A Weird Way to go Fishing - Absolut Cut Ad
Absolute Breast Power - Accident View From Inside Vehicle
Accident While Gutting A Deer - Actor Hit With A Real Bottle
Actor Michael Cera Flips Out On Set - Adorable Penguin Tickling
Adult Man Lives Life As An Infant - Ain't Gonna Pee My Bed Tonight
Air Cannon Fired At Rocks - Airbag To The Nut Sack
Airbag vs Ass - AK47 Wilding Man Tries to Rob a German Casino
Akon Throws a Kid off Stage - Albert the Mascot
Alcohol Thieving Monkeys - Ali G Talks to Sam Donaldson about the Media
Alicia the Canadian Beauty - All Wrapped Up
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