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Bear City

After a mysterious cloud covers a town and humans go into hiding bears take over. I love the way they has an Asian bear working in the gas station - :D

Working Overtime at Night

It can be boring to have to do some overtime for work, but this guy has the perfect plan

Old Man Make Out

Those two old guys should have no trouble getting an erection from now on, just thinking back to that moment will be enough to get the old member working

Cops Chase Armed Robbers

These guys tried to out run the cops after robbing a dry cleaners but got caught in the end. I guess they will be doing the dry cleaning from now on, working in the prison laundry room

Explosion Nearly Decapitates a Construction Worker

Security camera footage shows a welder working on pipes when a gas buildup causes an explosion which nearly decapitates the worker. Interesting how one guy is working while 3 are watching, classic construction workers

Huge BMX Faceplant

This guys going to have trouble working his jaw for a while...

Tanker Explodes And Takes Two Workers

Working at a gas station sucks. Not just because you can get blown up, but because you work at a gas station.

Don't Mess With Santa

Working all day collecting money is stressful, you don't want to mess with santa.

Pissed Off Elephant Attacks

Did you know elephants were working as executioners in India in the 19th century and earlier? They stepped on the heads of condemned men.

Fire Extinguisher To The Face

Working at a gas station has certain risks. This is one of them.

Japanese Coach Gives a Wrestler a Beatdown for Losing

When not coaching, he's doing his other job, working for the fashion police

Police Officers Rescue a Man from a Burning Car

I'd be happy to have these two officers working in my area, good job . Now quickly get some marshmallows before the firemen arrive

Car Stunt Goes Flamingly Wrong

Ok that was obviously never going to work, unless the point of the stunt was to burn your self alive, in which case the odds where excellent on it working just perfectly

Armed Robbery at a Fast Food Restaurant

I like how that one guy dived out the drive-through window, but than again, if I was working on minimum wages in some sleaze fast food joint I'd probably do the same

Chinese Factory Workers Have no Fear

This is how a Chinese 'automated' stamping plant looks like, well it beats working at McDonalds

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