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Employees of the Month #3

These just keep on getting better and better. The annoying women store workers are back once again to play another prank on a customer

Quitting Cigarettes is Hard

Quitting cigarettes can cause some anxiety and aggression, just make sure not to take it out on your co-workers

Busted Jacking Off While in the Office

A few guys catch one of their nightshift workers masturbating in the office, they film it and show him the tape afterwards, as you can guess he becomes pretty angry. Also did he stick his finger up his own ass - :S

Reporter Crashes a Quad on Live TV

That is absolutely priceless, bet her co-workers wont let her forget about that one for a while

Track Workers Hit Very Badly by a Bike

So who will be the next team to risk their asses running out onto the track to remove the track workers?

Kids Throw Stones at Human Rights Workers

Kids rain stones upon a few human rights workers while the Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint few meters away ignore it

Leaving Card - Man Stroke Woman

Not exactly the message you would hope to get on your leaving card from your co-workers

Fire in the Hole #2

Even more idiots throwing beverages at fast food workers trying to make a living off minimum wages

Management Leisure Suit

The suit every manager needs to keep his workers under control

Unfocused Cop vs Fence

With all those cops and workers standing there the fence just seems useless, them folk make a much more capable barrier

Firefighters Try to Save a Man from Niagara Falls

Just inches away from the edge of Niagara Falls and a 170 foot drop this man struggles to keep his balance while rescue workers try to get him back on dry land. How on Earth he got there I have no idea, sleepwalking probably

Explosion Nearly Decapitates a Construction Worker

Security camera footage shows a welder working on pipes when a gas buildup causes an explosion which nearly decapitates the worker. Interesting how one guy is working while 3 are watching, classic construction workers

Woman Trapped In A Boat

Honestly could there of been enough workers to hold a father and son back from trying to save that woman?

Water Tower Crashes With Workers On It

Imagine what the last thing to go through that guy on the ladders mind... his feet and some steel. Just kidding... sorta.

Tanker Explodes And Takes Two Workers

Working at a gas station sucks. Not just because you can get blown up, but because you work at a gas station.

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