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Extreme Sled Wipeout

That lady just got a front row seat to the laws of physics in motion

Biker Has A Hard Wipeout

If only he hadn't been wearing a helmet...

Skiier Has A Huge Wipeout

9.6, he let his form falter at the end.

Biker Tries to Do A Headstand

I wonder how many brain cells a wipeout like that kills.

White Trash Dirtbiking Wipeout

The fact that this guy lives in a trailer home makes the video that much more stereotypical.

The Ultimate Treadmill Wipeout

"Come on guys, that's not funny, that's not funny at all" No but seriously... it's funny

Snowboarding Wipeout Results in a Fractured Spine

Whatever slim chance there was of me ever attempting something like that has now well and truly disappeared

One In A Million Wipeout

Just take a seat.

Dirtbiker Has A Devastating Wipeout

This guy absolutely destroys his body from a wipeout!

Skater Stunned After His Wipeout

Just when I thought he couldn't get any dumber.

Rip Stick Epic Wipeout

As if he didn't already look like an idiot on that thing.

Risky Business Dance Wipeout

She might want to wear those grippy socks next time.

Jake Brown's Massive X-Games Wipeout

Keep an eye on his shoes.

Serious Grocery Cart Wipeout

Something similar happened to me at Pick N' Save.

Massive Skiier Wipeout

I think even the announcer felt that one.

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