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Zig Zag Wheelie

Cool stunt on a motorcycle, also is that a horse carriage going down the street

Naked Guy Falls off Motorcycle while doing a Wheelie

This guy left two kinds of skid marks on the road

Two Guys on a Golf Cart Crash and Faceplant

Trying to do a two wheelie in a liquid cooled Yamaha golf cart in heavy winds is a recipe for one sweet faceplant

Wheelie Goes Flyingly Bad

"Paramedics right now!" I'm not so sure there Captain Obvious, might be best to wait an hour first

Motorcyclist Totals His Bike And His Self-Esteem

It only cost this guy about $12,000 to realize he doesn't know how to do a wheelie.

Motorcycles Collide Badly at an Intersection

Asshole on the left past a red light, while asshole on the right tried to pop a wheelie. In conclusion: both assholes

Biker Goes Flying Straight into the Side of a Car

Let's face it, this stunt was a wheelie bad idea

Guy Crashes his Bike After a Successful Wheelie

He's got the wheelie part down to a fine art, the driving straight part... not so much

Hard Wheelie Motorcycle Crash

At least he had on proper gear and was using an empty road, that's the only props I will ever give him

Quad Wheelie Goes Wrong

Good news everyone, you can look like a complete ass trying to do a wheelie on other things than motorbikes

Another Motorcycle Wheelie Doesnt Go According to Plan

Keep it up boys. Motorcycle repair shops everywhere salute you

Guy Does a Wheelie in front of a Cop & Falls

Ruins his bike, busts his head, and then hopefully gets tased. All in all, he had a pretty bad day

Two Guys Doing a Wheelie Crash into the Back of a Car

Look mum!!!! No face!!!! Morons and motorcycles... an almost sacred combination

Kawasaki Motorcycle Wheelie Goes Badly Wrong

That's the furthest I've seen anyone throw a motorcycle. Good job son

Horse Launches Back Throwing the Jockey Off

I think that Jockey hit the gas too hard. He needs wheelie bars for the horse

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