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xTreme Wheelchair

Check out Aaron Fotheringham doing some amazing tricks in his wheelchair along with the first back flip in a wheelchair

The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of a Slippery Finish Line

Robert Cheruiyot held off fellow Kenyan Daniel Njenga to win the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, taken from the course in a wheelchair after slipping and banging his head near the finish line, ouch is all I can say

The Wheelchair Boys

Just like the Backstreet boys, except these are much less handicapped than them

Jordanian Special Forces Mishap

The Jordanian Special Forces run into a bit of a mishap with their truck flipping over while on training exercise, and it was looking so good for them at first, guess some of them will be seeing action from a wheelchair or on crutches after that

Man Kicks his Attorney and gets Tasered in a Courtroom

The man was in a wheelchair because he said he fainted in his jail cell and had hurt his back. A Deputy tasered him and another deputy pinning the man down was also affected by the taser

Car Rams into a Bus Stop Full of People

At least they won't have to take the bus anymore. Now they can get an awesome electric wheelchair

Wheelchair Crash at the Paralympics

Well that's a crash nobody walked away from

Little Skateboarding Kid Lands on his Back

It's not all bad news, now he can finally play in the wheelchair basketball in the Special Olympics

Master Gymnast Shows Off his Moves

His trick really needed two more things, an escalator and a wheelchair

Guy in a Wheelchair Falls Down an Escalator

Good thing he already has the wheelchair. I wonder if you can double 'Reeve' yourself

Cop Dumps a Quadriplegic from his Wheelchair

I think they should push him off a building to see if he can fly

Police Car Crashes into a Guy in a Wheelchair

If the guy in the wheelchair is the sue type, then he is going to be rollin' around 'em streets with some gold spinners and some sweet hydraulics from now on

Leaning Back in a Wheelchair

A Norwegian guy shows us why exactly you shouldn't lean back in a wheelchair

RV Jump Goes Horribly Wrong

This man lacks the following: A functional brain , wings, seatbelts... but now he has a wheelchair.

Doggy Likes Sliding Down The Stairs

I used to do something similar as a child; hence the wheelchair and breathing tubes.

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