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Learn to make a Coin Disappear

Learn the magic trick of making a coin disappear

Banana Bandana Magic Trick

I think someone is confusing a banana with a bandana, pretty funny and cool trick though

How to Trick a Mummy

We all know mummies can be lurking everywhere waiting to feast upon your dead body, so here is a little helpful video which teaches you how to trick these dead beasts

Opening up a Beer with Paper

Like the title says, this video shows you how to open a beer bottle with a single A4 sheet of paper. Useless skill since it actually takes ages to fold the paper for this trick

Amazing Card Trick

This amazing card trick is red hot mama!!!

Tasers Always do the Trick

Proof that through the use of tasers as a punitive measure even the most mentally challenged people can follow basic instruction

Penn and Teller - Cups and Ball Trick

Penn and Teller teach the famous cups and ball trick by revealing how it is done using see-through plastic cups

Kids Trick a Guy to Stop and then Steal his Car

And this is why I have long ago rid my self of all human feelings, in a situation like this always run over kids lying on the street

Japanese Pool Trick Shots

Some amazing Japanese trick shots from a guy who looks amazingly surprised after each shot

PhoneCam Magic #1 - The Umbrella

Marco Tempest uses his cell phone camera to show you his magic tricks, personally Iím far from impressed with this first trick, but his accent is funny which makes up for it

Disappearing Birdcage Magic Trick

After freeze framing this video about twenty times I have come to the conclusion the girl on the far left has very nice breasts

Magic Trick Gone Wrong

Lesson learned: Never. Ever. Under any circumstances, volunteer for a magic show

The Annoying Devil - Balls of Steel

The Devil hits the streets to annoy people and trick them into making fools of them selves. I know how it feels to be tricked by the Devil since he tricked me once into selling my soul to him, all I got in exchange was a tequila bottle, seemed like a fair trade at the time since I already had half a bottle in me

The Lottery Prank

A few guys trick their friend into thinking he won the big lottery pot by taping the previous nightís lottery drawing and buying a ticket with those numbers on it

Pepsi Magic Trick

Learn how to refill a seemingly empty soda can and close it up, pretty cool trick and actually very easy to do

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