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Trampoline Nut Crush

Stupid things always lead to pain, well they do on the internet anyways

World Record Trampoline Slam Dunk

Clip from a Japanese TV show in which a man breaks the world record distance for trampoline slam dunk

Kid Jumps off Trampoline Into a Fence

Kid does a flip off a trampoline and goes right through a fence

A Bear on a Trampoline does a Faceplant

A small bear falls out of a tree onto a trampoline set up by the fire department, the poor little guy also does a face plant off the trampoline

White Men Can Jump

Even with the help of a trampoline he comes horribly short, plus he was obviously traveling

Jumping From a Tree onto a Trampoline Ends in Pain

If you ever get the need to jump from a tree onto a trampoline make sure not to do it like this kid

Bad Trampoline Accident

Good thing he had those spotters

White Dude Tries To Dunk

He should just use a trampoline like the rest of us white folks...

Boxer Does A Record Slam Dunk

Who cares if he used a trampoline, its still pretty badass.

Swedish Newsreader Cant Stop Laughing

"Whaaaaaaaaaa" In baby talk means "GET THE FUCK OFF THE TRAMPOLINE!!" Also giant Superman baby for the win

Backflip onto a Trampoline Results in a Face Plant

See this is what happens when there is nothing on TV but the Olympics 24/7, kids get stupid ideas into their heads that they are athletic heroes

Finnish Kid Flies Off a Trampoline and Cries

What's he crying for? The crack of the gutter against his skull and the branches scraping at his skin clearly slowed his fail... I mean fall

Pool Jumping Mishap

Some people just can't tell a chair from a trampoline

Girl Falls of a Big Trampoline

Eek, ouch, that slamming noise as she hit the floor sounded horrible, bet she won't be playing with trampolines any time soon

Kid Gets Launched off a Trampoline and Hits His Head

If the face full of branches wasn't enough pain for the poor kid that knock on the back of his head sure was

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