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Guy Saves a Kid on the Subway

This guy jumped down to the train tracks to save a kid who had fallen down

Car Rams into a Group of People

Just passing through. A car rams into a group of people crossing a train track, actually driving over a few

Meeting Mum - Big Train

A man who has never met his mother is finally united with her, although now he probably might wish he had never done so...the comedy minds of Big Train are behind this masterpiece

Mobile Phone Montage - Trigger Happy TV

If you think the guy who keeps on talking loudly on his cell phone on a train is annoying, or the teenage girl who sends a text message during a movie in the cinema, then you would go mental around this guy

Drunk Falls Asleep On Train Track

A man who drank so much that he collapsed and passed out with his head on a railway line is facing court after being charged with obstructing the railways, guess that bottle of Tequila did its job

Teens Nearly Run Over by a Train

A security camera captures a bunch of teens messing around at a train station when two of them fall onto the tracks seconds before a train passes by, both of them are very lucky to walk away from that one alive

Royal Artillery Territorial Army Train in Cyprus

Even thought the British Territorial Army is composed of part-time soldiers and is not part of the regular army, they seem pretty well trained

Under the Train

Black magic or midgets must have been involved here, or maybe both

Train to Train

Nobody loves a good game of chicken like train operators

Kids Fiddle With Train Tracks

This is what happens when you let a bunch of skilful Norwegian kids play at the train tracks

Train Knocks a Camerman off his Feet

Next time stay behind the yellow line, or you might become train fodder

Serbian Special Forces

No one boards a train or a bus faster in Serbia than these guys

Moose Gets Run over by a Train

Poor little guy was just taking a stroll through the icy North, enjoying the fresh cool air

Deaf Man Gets hit by a Train and a Car

Bet he never heard that coming

Overcrowded Train in Mumbai

Transportation safety in India is top notch, other countries come nowhere near their standards

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