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Japanese Pool Trick Shots

Some amazing Japanese trick shots from a guy who looks amazingly surprised after each shot

Piss Prank Backfires

If you are going to soak your friends in piss expect them to beat the living daylights out of you, and don't act all surprised and righteous when they do

Woman Pushes Pluto

Given how protective Disney is of their magical fairyland ambiance, I would be surprised if he still had his job by the end of the day

Skier Gets Knocked Out Cold

I'm surprised no one jumped on his back and rode him down the hill like a sled. lol

30 Sores Asses In 35 Seconds

I'm just surprised that video of me and your mom wasn't in there.

Cops Roughs Up Good & Pepper Sprays a Suspect

I'm surprised he didn't throw the empty pepper spray can at his face after the beating

Two Girls Get into a Crazy & Bloody Fight

I was pleasantly surprised how silent this fight was, they hardly made a noise and didn't utter a single word, which is highly odd, seeing how they are women and what not

Rare Panda Birth Caught on Tape at a Zoo

I like how the Panda mama kinda looks surprised. "My stomach hurts... WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?"

Man Gets Pinned Between 2 Forklifts

This happened in Hong Kong by the way, and yeah, I was also surprised to hear they used forklifts and not chopsticklifts

Huge Guy Knocks Out a Drunk Guy with a Single Punch

Can't say I was very surprised with the outcome there, but I was shocked to see Goliath wearing one of those girly sparkling belts

Bottle Gets Thrown at Fergie While She is Singing

I'm surprised she didn't catch that bottle with her gnarly ole 'lady hump' catcher's mitt

Drunk Brazilian Attempts to Cycle Home

I was actually surprised how far he managed to get down the road before his little drunken face plant stumble

Drunk Lady Taking a Breathalyzer Flirts With a Cop

How the hell did he resist that sexy goddess? I'm surprised he managed to keep it in his pants

A Close Encounter with a Wild Gorilla

A close encounter with a wild silverback gorilla in Rwanda, I'm surprised it didn't rip their arms off

Keep Em Out - Balls of Steel

Another Neg's Urban sports game, and this time it consist of trying to keep people from getting into places they need to get to. I'm surprised no one ever punches him

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