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Weird Wall Climb

Some guys taped their friend climbing down a wall then put the clip backwards creating this weird spider like wall climb

Venus Flytrap Eating a Spider

That spider looked like a tasty meal

Chinese Spiderman Stunt Gone Wrong

Spiderman, Spiderman does what ever a spider can... splat

The Spider Car

You can chase that thing by the screws it left on the ground

Bad Movies Compilation

The thing all those terrible movies have in common is that they were all better than Spider Man 3

Spider Bite Causes a Nasty Infection

Lovely. Now I can add spiders to my list of animals to stay away from

Bear Grylls Eats a Crucifix Spider

Bear Grylls is the only person ever to order a pizza with arachnids as a topping

Ceiling Spider is Watching you Masturbate

You know that nightmare about the giant spider hovering above your bed? Yeah, it totally came true

Odd Jumping Spider Mating Ritual

Imagine if all we guys had to do was to stick our arms in the air and move slowly towards a girl while making odd noises… spiders have it so easy

Spider Cat

Spider Cat! Spider Cat! Does whatever a spider cat does...

Disgusting Infected Spider Bite

If you ever get a huge cyst infection you have two options A. Actually go to a hospital and get it sorted out by professionals, or B. Grossing out the whole internet by squeezing it yourself

Another Nasty Infected Spider Bite

Before she got bit by that spider it was all boner time... now? Not so much

Parkour Wannabe Fails Badly

So if Parkour is the French sport of jumping from one thing to another, I guess it's safe to say that it is the equivalent of French political rhetoric. Anyways... move over for the new Spider Man

Huge Spider Catches a Scorpion in its Web

I'm not embarrassed to say that if I ever saw that thing in my room I would cry

Costa Rican Cops Pull Down a Gate With Bad Results

Not that cop's day, earlier that morning he got outsmarted by a Costa Rican Spider Monkey

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