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Nature Anthem By Grandaddy - Music Video

I wanna walk up the side of the mountain, I wanna walk down the other side of the mountain… man all this walking making me bloody tired

Rubber Band Ball VS Car

A 500lb rubber band ball nails into the side of a Camry

Dog Is Part of South Side Police Chase

This is from a police pursuit unlike any other down I-65 in Indianapolis Saturday afternoon. Motorists where quite stunned since it looked like a dog was driving the truck

Unusual Evidence from a Drug Bust

A Maplewood drug burst reveals that there was some serious fetishes going along side the drug sales

Haunted Mansion - Award Winning Fireworks Display

Fireworks display comprised completely of consumer level fireworks (like they sell at road side stands) choreographed to a Haunted Mansion Theme

Gliding Down the Side of a Mountain

Loic Jean Albert base jumps from a helicopter and glides down the side of a mountain at very high speeds, he obviously has some very large cojones

Ghost In Car Accident

A clip showing a supposed ghost hitchhiker being picked up and then causing a car accident. I think I saw the Easter Bunny robbing the Tooth Fairy by the side of the road also

High Speed Chase Ends in a Crash

A high speed chase in Los Angeles results in the suspect loosing control of his SUV and crashing into a fence on the side of a building

Helicopter Induces an Avalanche

Some pretty awesome footage of a helicopter inducing a large avalanche down a mountain side

Climbing Into an SUV Balancing on Two Wheels

While an SUV is in motion and balancing on 2 wheels, an insane guy jumps on the back of the SUV and climbs into the side window

Top Gear Nearly Lynched by Rednecks in Alabama

The Top Gear guys decide that getting killed is a good idea, so they drive around Alabama with numerous not so Deep South welcoming messages written on the side of their cars

Nearly Pushed Off a Cliff

Two Saudis just having some fun, albeit fun that nearly resulted in one of them taking a little tumble down a mountain side

Star Wars Manners

Succumb to the Dark side when you use your cell phone during the movie, you do. Turn it off, you will. Get down in front, you will

Snow Leopard Hunting

The first ever recorded footage of a snow leopard hunting, it flew down that cliff side with ease

Biker Pushed into the Side of a Road

Cut off pretty badly, not sure if it was intentional or not, but if it was then the driver deserves something bad done to him... like a spanking or something

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