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Baby Got Scared

Disney is evil, the whole company was created to scare little babies like this one. Have you ever ridden on that Its a Small World ride, that song will drive you to kill people, all those little chucky looking dolls dancing around. Disneyland is not a happy place - :@

Fatty Nearly Falls Out of Ride

This chubby kid nearly falls out of a ride in an amusement park, while he is calling out for help and for the ride to stop his mum does nothing but laugh continuously, making her the worlds greatest mother. Congratulations Janice

Fat Kid Goes for a Moped Ride

Fat kid goes for a little moped ride trying to jump a little tiny hill, but of course he fails and goes flying towards the ground nearly causing a major earthquake

How the Disabled Party

Making fun of the handicapped be they mentally or physically disabled is always nasty and guarantees you a quick ride to hell, but this video of a bunch of "retards" partying is way too great not to make fun of just a tiny bit

Tenacious D - Blowjob

Jack Black is on the street trying to make some money by sucking some cock when Kyle rolls along in his ride looking for some love, the clip goes even weirder from that point on

Grand Theft Mario Bros - Robot Chicken

Mario and Luigi wander into Vice City and hook them self with a killer ride before picking up a hoe and chewing up some magic shrooms, meanwhile Yoshi wanders into Racoon city where another equally horrifying fate awaits him

Hamsters go Around and Around

Seems like the line for the running wheel is a killer, but these little fellas do anything to get on, the ride is exactly for them

Jackass Number Two - The Rocket Ride

Johnny Knoxville rides a big red rocket, Wile E. Coyote style

Poor Old Man Falls Down an Escalator

Those people in the background laughing need to have a ride down the escalator

Robot Ride

I wonder who is really having fun... the one riding or the one holding the remote?

I Want to Ride my Bicycle Drive by Prank

Kids harass a woman riding her bicycle, at least they didnít go as far as the drive by paintball shooting videos

Redneck Amusement Park Ride

I have a hard enough time trusting rides in real amusement parks, but that thing is just asking for a disaster to happen Note: Video freezes up a few times

Fish My Ride

So that is what the fish market looks like in Bulgaria

Duck Goes for a Dogback Ride

Looked like that duck was trying to drown the dog, always knew the feathery bread eating bastards were up to no good

Cyclist vs Wall

They say every video teaches something, I suppose this one teaches us not to ride bicycles down stairs, well at least not when walls are about

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