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10 Swat Officers Take Down a Prisoner on PCP

Yet another guy tripping on PCP (naked of course like all the other ones), this time the guy is already in prison however

Cops Attacked and Beaten in London

Two London police officers are attacked by crowd of drunk guys after the police had been talking to them, each of the attacker served 4 years in prison after the attack

Prison Beating Caught on Tape

Security cameras caught some Arizona inmates beating up another man who they thought was in there for molesting a child, turns out they were wrong and their jail time was increased as a result

London Cops Attacked And Beat

A crowd of angry and drunkenly guys attacked two police officers on the streets of London back in 2001, all of the attackers served 4 years in prison

Run Prison Gueard Run

Not the best idea to be playing around with prisoners…

Bear Grylls Eats a Live Snake - Born Survivor

Bear Grylls could eat his way out of a maximum security prison, he will practically eat anything be it elephant poo or a dead features

UK Police Arrest a Drug Dealer

Police car pursuit ends with the cops running after a drug dealer, now he can deal out heroine in prison instead

Panda Prison Break

I like how none of them are at all concerned about where the escaped panda might have gotten off to, probably Mexico

Bus Gets Stuck in Flood

Apparently blue overcoats are on sale in Oman, that or the bus was a prison bus transferring prisoner, in which case lucky them it rained so much that day

Shoplifting Seagull

Seagulls make up 58% of the prison population of Scotland

Hamster Escapes his Cage

That's what happens when you have a TV too close to your hamster, he gets good ideas from shows such as Prison Break

Cops Chase Armed Robbers

These guys tried to out run the cops after robbing a dry cleaners but got caught in the end. I guess they will be doing the dry cleaning from now on, working in the prison laundry room

Angry Mob's Hate The Police

I bet that's the worst hangover those drunks will have. Oh well, they have 4 years in prison to get over it.

Being In Prison Really Sucks

I don't know if you can call it police brutality or not, but that would just suck.

Idiot Runs From A Speeding Ticket

When faced with prison time and a face full of dirt, or a speeding ticket, this guy takes the first option.

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