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Drinking Milk Keeps the Arms Attached

Drinking a lot of milk keeps the bones strong, not drinking milk causes your arms to snap off

Porn Flakes

Never has a cereal seemed so appetizing, well apart from that whole milk scene

Primo MooHoppers

Crazy ad for an Australian dairy drink called Primo, which is a lime flavored milk drink (yummy). I suppose the reason for having bikini clad babes on big red bouncy balls is that it is the only way to get people to drink lime flavored milk

New Hungarian Breast Milk Hormone

This Hungarian news reporter seems to have taken a little bit too much of the new breast-milk production hormone she is reporting on. Or the more likely scenario, that someone is a genius in adding fake subtitles

One Year Old Weighs 25 Kilos

This Brazilian one year old already weighs 25 kilos or 55 pounds, he might want to mix in a salad with that breast milk once in a while

Milk & Poop Party

For humanities sake I hope this is fake. I warn you this video is pretty gross but at the same time the WTF factor is so immense that the video just somehow begs to be watched [color=darkred][b]Warning:[/b] Poo poo[/color]

How to Milk an Elephant

In case you ever need some elephant sperm (I wont ask why), or you just really need to get an elephant horny than this is how you would go about doing it

Space Potatoes - Whitest Kids U Know

In space no one can hear you spill the milk

Skater Breaks His Wrist

And this is why you should always drink your milk kids, makes the bones hard and healthy

Weight Lifter Needs To Drink More Milk

That was a 10 on the old cringe'o meter! - :eek

Arm Wrestler Needs To Drink More Milk

This guy probably regrets not gulping down a few extra glasses a day of milk.

Skater Busts His Mouth On A Railing

I hope he likes milk shakes and apple sauce because hes going to be eating through a straw for a while.

Milk Barfing Off a High Rise Building

And here you thought having a bird poop on you was enough to ruin your day, this would ruin your entire year

Monkey Humps a Little Goat

Eew, and I was just enjoying a cold glass of goat milk

Why You Never Ever Want to be an African Farmer

I've just been put off by milk for life... and showers

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