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Tasers Always do the Trick

Proof that through the use of tasers as a punitive measure even the most mentally challenged people can follow basic instruction

How the Disabled Party

Making fun of the handicapped be they mentally or physically disabled is always nasty and guarantees you a quick ride to hell, but this video of a bunch of "retards" partying is way too great not to make fun of just a tiny bit

Base Jumping Bungee Jump

This is absolutely insane, two base jumpers jump from a bridge and half way through one of them releases his chute and bungee jumps off the other jumper before opening up his reserve chute a bit further down. I wonder how mentally deficient you have to be to attempt that stunt, but damn did it look good

Mentally Disabled Man Hits Kid; Gets Knocked Out

I'm really not sure who is right in this situation. Its kinda like the "What came first, the chicken or the egg" dilemma.

Guy in a Gorilla Suit Hits his Head on a Gate

I've just called two vets, the latter just confirmed the first vet's diagnosis that gorilla boy here is in fact mentally retarded

Cops Strap a Mentally Ill Homeless Man into a Chair

And then they beat him up a bit... Which resulted in the suspension of the cop hitting him But I do hope the homeless guy makes it onto Idol next year, he has one heck of a singing voice

Police Wake & Beat a Mentally Retarded Man

If there was ever a time to switch off his retardation and act coherently in order to comply with the police demands it was right there

Defendant Barks Like A Dog At The Judge

Hold on, I think he's trying to tell us something. What's that boy? You say you are trying to get the judge to find you mentally incompetent, by barking like a dog and and doing a stevie wonder impression?

Mentally Challenged Cooking

After laughing for a few minutes, I realized hes better at cooking then me. What now?

Crazy Woman On An Airplane

I think the mentally insane were put on earth just to entertain us.

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