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Massive F1 Accident

Clip from the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix which took place in torrential conditions. The race was originally stopped after a massive accident involving thirteen of the twenty-two runners at the first corner.

Tornado and Huge Hail Storm

Storm chasers following a tornado get caught in a massive hail storm that ends up messing their car up pretty good

Cicadas Snack

If you live in the Midwest States of the US, then get ready for a massive swarm of these large bugs called Cicadas, every 17 years they come swarming out of the ground and late this May is that time. But as you see in this video they are also considered a tasty treat

Steam Explosion in New York

A massive explosion caused by a steam pipe rips through Midtown Manhattan in NYC. Dang New Yorkers always blowin off steam...

Thieves Think a Police Manhunt is for Them

Small time crooks take off after wrongly assuming a massive manhunt currently taking place is for them, the bank robbers who were really being chased probably celebrated by toasting to these two numb nuts

House Party Turns Into A Massive Brawl

Damn, this is my kind of party. Alcohol, girls, and fights. What more entertainment could a guy ask for?

Massive Escalator Jump Faceplant

I don't know how dumb this guy has to be to believe this would actually work.

Kid has A Massive Backflop

He tried to play it off like nothing happened, but we all know his back is burning like all hell.

Massive Propane Fireball Explosion In Toronto

For a second there I thought the Russians were attacking

Danny Way Wipes Out on a Massive Ramp at X-Games

That was some gnarly slamplitude

Bunch of Cyclists Get into a Massive Pileup

As impressive as that crash was, it was nothing compared to the guy in red catching that flying tire

Massive Brawl Breaks Out in a Chinese Class Room

The rulebook for dodge ball got lost in translation in China, minor error really, instead of dodgeball their version said dodgedesk

Military Police Stop and Arrest a Loud & Angry Big Guy

Now that guy has a massive vocabulary, think the only word I heard from him was bi$ch

13 Cyclist Pileup in a Massive Crash

That's going to leave some mark on those waxed legs

Massive Staircase Faceplant

Because helmets are for the weak.

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