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Dancing Cow - Americas Got Talent

I have seen many weird things on the almighty internet, but never before have I seen someone dressed up as a cow doing some break dancing moves, having seen this video now I have officially lost all respect I had for human kind, and cows.

Lost and Survivor Spoof - Mad TV

Mad TV sketch about the television shows Lost and Survivor amongst others

Arrested For Asking For Directions

This couple was on the way back from an Orioles game, and they stopped to ask for directions because they got lost. Not only did the cop car who passed by not help them find their way out of the neighborhood, but the cop arrested the both of them

March of the Emperors

This is what happened when a movie title gets lost in the translation, great French ad for March of the Penguins

My Pussy is Magic

Honestly Im utterly lost for words, this song is weird to the core

Soldier Looses a Third of his Brain from an IED

A news story about a soldier who recovered after having lost 1/3 of his Brain from an IED explosion in Iraq

Having Fun With Driver licenses

In Virginia you can get a reissued drivers license on the spot if you have lost your license or just want a better photo, which is just screaming at College students to come have some fun

Stunt Plane Crashes in Argentina

A stunt pilot lost control of his plane and crashed during an air show in Argentina, and the whole thing was caught on tape. Not much more to say except rest in peace

Playing Cat and Mouse With The LAPD

Im going to go out on a limb and guess he lost his license

2 Russian Guys Fight in a Hallway

The guy had clearly lost the fight, wasn't even conscious, yet the other guy felt the need to stomp a bit on his face anyways

Cop Pulls Spike Strip On A Cop Car

I bet this moron lost his job. Smooth play.

Somebody Just Lost Their Job

A angry employ starts yelling behind the scenes and it makes its way onto the airwaves.

Gun Kickback To The Face

This old man probably lost his dentures after that little stunt.

Boxer Beaten By One Armed Man

I don't know about you guys, but Id sure like to see the fight where he lost his arm!

Bear Gets Tranquilized & Falls Out Of a Tree

I couldn't BEAR watching this. It lost it's BEARings. He BEARly got away. BEAR in mind, it's just a bear. OK, I'm done

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