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Sexual Harassment and You - SNL

Great sketch from Saturday Night Live teaching you the correct way to go about sexual harassment - :grin

Mr Bean - Elementary Dating

Rowan Atkinson has been packing theatres all over the world for ten years with his one-man comedy show. This performance was filmed live at the Huntington Theatre in Boston.

Streaker Interrupts Live News

A streaker interrupts a live news report, but the news reporter gets the better of him

News Reporter Looses Tooth

A news anchor looses his front tooth during a live broadcast

Bike Chain Prank on Live TV

Unlike the News reporter lady I found that to be pretty hilarious

The Bleepin Truth Chair Assault - News Report

News story with repeated airing of the assault where a Florida strip club owner got attacked with a chair live on TV

German Weather Woman Looses it

A German weather reporter looses it whilst live on TV

Celebrity Jeopardy with Sandler, Connery, Cruise - SNL

Another hilarious "Celebrity Jeopardy" clip from Saturday Night Live where the contestants are Adam Sandler, Sean Connery and Tom Cruise

Idiot Ruins a News Story

Pretty short clip just with some idiot running behind a reporter during a live broadcast, funny how he twisted a very serious story into a second of stupidity

The Real World - Ikea

Funny story of 5 strangers made to live in an Ikea store without the staff knowing about them

Taco Town - SNL

For the best taco ever go to Taco Town. Funny sketch from Saturday Night Live

Curbside Love

The story of a trashcan magically brought to live via a lightning strike and his love for another trashcan

Astronaut Faints Twice During Press Conference

This female astronaut faints twice during a live press conference, but she was still readjusting to the almighty power of gravity so I’ll let her off the hook this time

Broadcaster Beats up Guests

Romanian broadcaster beats up his guests in a live TV show after some misunderstanding about what they talked in backstage, and what they were supposed to talk during the show…smells like it was badly staged though

Jack Black and the New Bday Song - SNL

A classic Saturday Night Live skit with the new more spookier alternative version of the Birthday song sang by Jack Black him self

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