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Humvee Attacked With Grenades

The Islamic Army in Iraq attacked a Humvee Thursday morning in an area just north of Baghdad. The attack was carried out with two, Russian made RKG-3 anti-tank hand grenades according to a statement by the insurgency group. It is not known if any casualties resulted from this incident.

Marine Magic

This is crazy, the stick man rises up on his hand without anything pulling it up, black magic I tell you - :stoned

Maniac Pulled Over by the Police

That was one of the calmest officers I have ever seen, kudos to him. The guy getting pulled over on the other hand could use a few hors tranquilizers

Meow Game - Super Troopers

Alright meow, hand over your license and registration and go rent Super Troopers while your at it. Meow

Bum Hand

The adventures of Bum Hand, if nothing else it promises to change the way you look at pickle jars

Road Rage Caught on Tape

3 Different cases of extreme road rage caught on tape, all three end in the drivers fighting out hand to hand on the road

Firework Stick Breaks in a Guys Hand

A Swedish guy tries to fire a firework from his hand but the stick brakes as he is holding it. Apparently one of the girls got serious burns to her left leg due to the explosion, and one guy suffered from a popped eardrum

Huge Hand Gun Recoil

The message is clear: You cannot control this gun even if you are a big fat guy

Tanzanian Police hand out some Street Justice

In Tanzania they have such a thing called the Frog correctional system

Naughty Norwegian Skier

This Norwegian skier does a hand gesture on Live TV not many have dared to do before

Arab Dare Devil on a Bike

Got to hand it to them, Arabs have some amazing motor skills, especially the Saudis. But then again, listening to that music would make everyone do mad things

Virtual Hand & Blowjob

The Japanese are at it again, and that imaginary cock she is blowing must be the thickness of a horses, unless she is tossing someone’s salad

Guy Shoots a Hole in his Hand

Let me be the first to cry fake, although quite a good one

Pimp Slaps his Hoe

Hand meets fact, face meets postbox

Insane Family Fight at a Russian Wedding

In Russia this is how they decide which family pays for the service I love how little kids with balloons are just walking about in between that all-on-all hand to hand combat. And the music... wow, just wow, definitely the icing on the cake

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