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The Fire Dance

Hair + Fire = two stupid guys and a bad smell... oh well, makes for a mildly funny clip

Hair Removal Fun

Some Japanese teens have fun with hair removal cream

Bikini Street Brawl

Crazy street brawl/cat fight between bikini clad teenage girls, biting, slapping, hair pulling, scratching... its all there

Russian Schools Girls Get into a Fight

Seems like Paris Hilton (the taller one) just got her ass kicked, if only they would stop pulling hair and start pulling on shirts

Pubic Burrito Roulette

These skanks kind of play Russian roulette, but instead of a gun, a pubic hair sprinkled burrito... tasty

Emo Cry Baby

"Our house is being fumigated right now, and so we have to stay at the lake house" The horror His hair is even so emo it has compressed itself into a single form of cloth. I love sarcasm

Russian Sets His Drunken Friends Hair on Fire

What's better than getting wasted on vodka with a great drinking buddy Pity he missed the unibrow

Wrestler Tries To Fight The Crowd

Steroids and a bad hair cut have negative side effects.

Woman's Hair Weave Stops A Bullet

Damn, maybe I'll have to consider getting a protective hairstyle.

Molotov Cocktails Aren't For Kids

He needed a hair cut anyways.

Man Punches A Photographer In The Face

I wouldn't want someone snapping photo's of me on a bad hair day either.

Chicks Get into a Hair Pulling Fight in a Parking Lot

Never has a handicapped sign been more appropriate

Drunk Russian Guy Gets Brutally Knocked Out

He knocked his hair back to the Eighties. That's what you get for messin' with the Fonz!

Workers Hair Gets Caught in an Air Pneumatic Drill

Trouble again at the Stargate factory

People Get Stuck Upside Down in a Theme Park Ride

They wanted a hair raising experience

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