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Gunther the German

Gunther has something to tell his parents, he is German - :O

Moskau Moskau

Hilarious German song that the Germans often sing when drunk - :D

Oktoberfest Bloopers

Compilation of beer kegs exploding, what a waste of good German beer - :(

German Water Hole Prank

Hilarious German prank where they have dug a huge hole in the middle of a wooden trail and filled it with water, only to cover it with leaves.

Swedish Midsummer Feast

A funny German Ikea ad depicting the fairy like Swedish people and how they go about celebrating their midsummer feast

German Weather Woman Looses it

A German weather reporter looses it whilst live on TV

Software Crash on German Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Software crash on "Wer wird Millionär", the German version of "Who wants to be a millionaire", the expressions on the guys faces was pricless

Crazy Bungee Jumper

This German bungee jumper is mad, he jumps from a crane just by folding onto the bungee cord with his hands, not tied to anything

Das Ist Numberwang - That Mitchell and Webb Look

The confusing quiz show "Numberwang" from "That Mitchell and Webb Look" has been made even more confusing, how is that even possible you ask, well by translating it to German obviously For the original go Numberwang click here: [URL][/URL]

German Police Have Fun During a DUI Stop

German police officers have a guy being stopped for a DUI test do the Macarena dance without him realizing at first what he is doing

German Couple Wants Incest Legalized

He was a 23 year old locksmith. She was a 16 year old student. It was love at first sight. The one problem, they were brother and sister

Wanna Try Our Lip Balm?

This kid has singlehandedly made all German males heroes, at least for the next minute or two

Fireworks Shot at German Police in a G8 Riot

As the riots in Germany continue over the G8 summit rioters have taken up shooting fireworks at the police, for some colorful results

Turkish Family Fights With German Cops

Luckily for the Turkish boys these coppers weren't in a trigger happy mood

German Cheerleader Takes a Soccer Ball to the Face

I haven't seen a little girl take a shot like that to the face since... Actually I dont think I want to go there

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