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Crazy Flying Stunt

A pilot does unbelievably cool flying maneuvers

Desert Roof Flying

Some guy sitting on top of a pick up truck goes flying when the car hits a sand dune, love the scream - :D

Motorcycle Crashes Into a Wall

This guy is just driving happily through the countryside when he goes flying into a concrete wall smashing his bike badly - :O

Crazy Fireman Practice

Man that fireman went flying through this obstacle - :O

Bud Light and a Flying Dog

Damn that dog went flying

The Flying Manta Ray

The Flying Manta Ray in action, an all new water sport which looks like great fun - :beer

The Leaf Blower

Man that kid went flying - :D

Popsicle Scribblers Wacky Fun

Monkeys on magical flying carpets, children dressed in traditional Bavarian garments, superhero wearing his underwear on the outside, laser popsicles that draw in the sky…well that all sounds perfectly normal to me and I cannot imagine drugs played any part in the making of this

How Lord of the Rings Should Have Ended

Walking you say? Now that is a silly motion, flying would be so much easier

Bye Bye - David Spade & Helen Hunt

David Spade y Helen Hunt in "Spade in America" where they act some pretty normal stewardess. Must have been flying Air Hollywood with all those stars aboard

The Flying Squirrel

This little squirrel gets to experience what itís like being a bird, with the help of some guys with way too much time on their hands

Fat Kid Goes for a Moped Ride

Fat kid goes for a little moped ride trying to jump a little tiny hill, but of course he fails and goes flying towards the ground nearly causing a major earthquake

Bike Flies over a Flying Plane

Quite a stunt we got here, a motorbike goes flying up, up and away jumping over a plane in mid flight, sounds cool, looks cooler

Jackass the Movie - The Failed Ending

The Jackass guys create their own Rube Goldberg contraption that has them swimming in human excrement and flying into a pit full of crocodiles

Baby Goes Flying Prank

A short clip with a prank of a baby flying up with a balloon

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