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Silent Fart - Budweiser

Budweiser takes a moment to thank mister silent killer gas passer

10 Funny Family Guy Moments

Join us on a magical trip through 10 funny clips of Family Guy, there is ecstasy, nudity, pain and the good old fart jokes of course

Bon Bon Land - Demented Theme Park in Denmark

A park with animal boobs everywhere and a dog fart coaster... wow how delightfully demented and warped

Do Girls Fart - Banned Mythbusters Episode

Un-airable Mythbusters episode where the guys track down the answer to one of the greatest questions of our time, do girls pass wind?

Subways in Japan Can Get a Little Packed

A fart joke would fit perfectly here but I decided not to go that low

May I Fart in Your Mouth?

No way, the last time I agreed to this, I got a warm load on my forehead


The Rad Girls loiter in an elevator and prank unsuspecting people armed with fart spray and a whoopee cushion

Fart Interrupts City Council

Business as usual apparently...

Funny Buttcrack Chainsaw

When you really sit there and think about how LONG fart jokes have been around..this is quite an achievement.

When Trying to Light a Fart on Fire Goes Bad

Guy must be a liar because he pants are quite clearly on fire

Sudden Gust of Strong Wind Blows a Roof Off a House

There is probably a fart joke in there somewhere but I refuse to make it

Fart Talent

You know you got a stinky job when you make a living farting on television

Fire Fart Gone Bad - Extremely Bad

This guy is trying to get on America's Funniest Home Videos but ends up soiling him self [color=darkred][b]Warning:[/b] Filthy, put down your food before watching this[/color]

Banned Mythbusters Episode

The Mythbusters showed this clip on flatulence during one of their live screenings, the clip was banned by the Discovery Channel who obviously don't appreciate fart jokes very much

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