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Funny Dutch Beer Ad

The World Cup is upon us so here is a funny football beer ad from Holland

Dutch Kid Pop Singer

Meet Bob, a Dutch mega star - :D

Are you Ready for the Summer

Are you ready for the summer? Well if not the first thing you have to do is get rid of your woman according to this Dutch ad

Great Dutch Insurance Ad

Funny Dutch insurance ad set in an Asian country, that last jump looks like it might become painful

Jump Rope Madness - Double Dutch Holiday Classic

Jump-rope contest at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, where teams from around the globe competed to see who could make the most jumps in two minutes and performed crazy routines to music

Risky Race - Urban Sport Race

Very cool Dutch Parkour video with two guys running through a city collecting points on the stunts they perform

Weatheman Hit by a Car

popular Dutch weatherman Piet Paulusma gets hit by a car during a weather report... well not for real, but this video did get him on TV for something else then the weather report

The Beat Down 2

The little blonde Dutch girl who likes to beat the crap out of people is back, this time she kicks even more ass

Dutch Burnout Fun

Even the Dutch have their share of Rednecks

Angry Dutch Football Supporters

A brilliant little prank involving one mans remote control collection, and a bunch of soon to be angry Dutchmen cheering for their national team in the last World Cup

Watching Porn in Public

And they say the Dutch are perverted? I wonder where they got that idea from

2 Guys Fight on a Small Boat

Nothing is more relaxing than taking a Sunday boat ride in the Netherlands, the Dutch are well known for their hospitality (and the odd water fight taken too far)

Creepy Dutch TV Host

I really hope, for that child's sake, that this isn't real.

Dutch Track Cyclist Slams Into his Own Coach

Track cycling isn't exactly easy when you're stoned

Armed Dutch Cops Arrest Drug Dealers

The Dutch certainly go the extra mile to make city tour buses more exciting

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