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Popsicle Scribblers Wacky Fun

Monkeys on magical flying carpets, children dressed in traditional Bavarian garments, superhero wearing his underwear on the outside, laser popsicles that draw in the sky…well that all sounds perfectly normal to me and I cannot imagine drugs played any part in the making of this

Heroin Addict Christmas

A hilarious sketch from a new British comedy program called "That Mitchell and Webb Look", drugs as a Christmas present never fails

Boy Meets Girl

This is the ultimate boy meets girl montage, boy sees girl, boy falls in love, boy finds out girl has a boyfriend, boy does heavy drugs, boy turns life around, boy meets Jesus…you know, the normal stuff

Spiders On Drugs

In the 1960s, Dr. Peter Witt gave drugs to spiders and observed their effects on web building [size=7](Had me giggling like a school girl)[/size]

Father Makes Son Wear a Sign

A father makes his 14 year old son wear a sign around him in order to discipline his son, who was abusing drugs


One thing is for sure, drugs were involved. I mean why else would you wear a net vest like that and try to transport a large shelf around on a bike

Freaky Guy in the Streets Interviewed About Google

Just say no to drugs, or else you will end up talking about orangutans and hitting on reporters

A Little too Much Speed

Stay away from speed kids, unless you have a real talent for ass drumming, in which case pump your self full of drugs

Crazy Guy in Hollywood Attacks a Crowd

Attacking a group of people in Hollywood is probably not such a great idea, but then again nor are drugs

Brass Monkey, That Funky Monkey

Next thing you know he's going to move on to harder drugs, like PCP and meth.

Another Crazy Impressive Light Display

There's a bunch of guys dancing around in underwear waving glow sticks in there. Gotta love psychedelic drugs.

Drugs Are Bad News Bears

Before even considering driving a car, its important to always make sure you can still stand and form a semi-coherent sentence.

Swedish Sisters on Drugs Play Around in British Traffic

The poor girls just hadn't figured out that whole left-hand traffic

Guy Dressed as Super Man Trips Out on Drugs

Super Man has fallen off the wagon, he's doing kryptonite again

Vincent the Vegetable Slicing Puppet

I love Japanese culture... but sometimes I wonder what kind of drugs they're on

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