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Baby Got Scared

Disney is evil, the whole company was created to scare little babies like this one. Have you ever ridden on that Its a Small World ride, that song will drive you to kill people, all those little chucky looking dolls dancing around. Disneyland is not a happy place - :@

The Real Way to Drive a Mini Cooper

Some seriously nice driving in this mini cooper

Burger King Outsources Ordering

Burger King has made some dramatic changes to it’s drive through ordering system, much to the dislike of one customer

Supercars in a Parisian Parking Garage - Top Gear

The guys from Top Gear are taking on their toughest challenge yet. Trying to drive three supercars (a Ford GT, a Pagani Zonda and a Ferrari) out of a Paris parking garage

ADD Shopping Channel

The A.D.D Shopping Network is bound to drive your Nana mad

Insane Drifting on a Busy Street

So basically if you drive a BMW 325 you can do what ever you want on a busy street, who cares about the other cars and buses

The 8 Million Dollar Car

Nice car, but wait, they trusted a woman to drive that thing - :O (sorry ladies, the opportunity for a sexist joke was too good to pass)

Winter is a Fun Time to Drive

Well apart from when the roads are so slippery that you crash into a light post causing another car to hit you

Top Gear Nearly Lynched by Rednecks in Alabama

The Top Gear guys decide that getting killed is a good idea, so they drive around Alabama with numerous not so Deep South welcoming messages written on the side of their cars

I Want to Ride my Bicycle Drive by Prank

Kids harass a woman riding her bicycle, at least they didn’t go as far as the drive by paintball shooting videos

7 Seconds in the Nürburgring

These two guys drove all the way from Manchester in the UK, to the world famous Nürburgring in Germany to test drive their new BMW, only to last about 7 seconds in the ring

Woman Tries to Escape the Police after Being Pulled Over

This woman gets pulled over and tells the cop her father is having a heart attack, when the cop goes to write her a ticket she tries to drive off (3 minutes of him writing the ticket was cut out the tape)

Horn Blasters

Looked like some of them came pretty close to having a stroke, nothing sillier than dying from a drive by without guns playing a part in it

Woman Drives Into a Shop Window

Impressive she managed to drive between those two parked cars without scratching the doors off her own car, not so impressive the driving into the window, or her attempts of backing out afterwards

Police Van Stuck in a Flooded Road

The boys and girls in blue (well fluorescent yellow really) drive into a real messy situation

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