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Crazy Roundabout Drifting

Who let the Dukes of Hazzard loose in the city

Tokyo Drifting

This must be the only corner in Tokyo without a speed camera, but nice drifting non the less

Drifting Gone Seriously Wrong

In a way I kind of think he deserved that just for the sheer fact he is obviously a complete idiot

Drifting Around People

Forget those pesky orange plastic cones, just use people instead

Drifting Goes Wrong

Why would you want to do something like this when driving a car with a high price tag?

Drifting Competition Turns Ugly

And that is exactly why sitting inside the car is always better when drifting

Insane Drifting on a Busy Street

So basically if you drive a BMW 325 you can do what ever you want on a busy street, who cares about the other cars and buses

Tank Drifting

A Swedish tank crew have some serious fun drifting their tank in the snow

Saudi Drifter Hits a Pedestrian

...and just keeps on drifting. Maybe he was just playing his own version of Carmageddon, in which case he gets 10 points for that

Drifting Right in Front of a Saudi Cop

This guy just drifted his ass right to jail

More Crazy Saudi Drifting

The hazard lights was a nice touch. Incase nobody happened to notice the crazy mofo riding a pickup truck on two wheels down the motorway at night

Train Derails Into Pedestrians

Train drifting is the new big thing in Dubai!

Another Casualty of Drifting

This takes bowling to an all new level.

Another Saudi Drifting Accident

When people in the middle east aren't taking your tech support calls, they are out doing stuff like this.

Cool Bulldozer Stunts

Now I want to see some forklift drifting...

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