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Aqua Rangers

Forget those fools over at Super Friends, the Aqua Rangers are the real superhero deal

Hanging onto a Van

Apparently this is a drug deal gone bad... personally I just think the guy in the van bought a new TV and the person hanging on the door is the sales associate trying to get him to buy the extended service plan

UK Police Arrest a Drug Dealer

Police car pursuit ends with the cops running after a drug dealer, now he can deal out heroine in prison instead

Reporter Screams Hysterically After Getting Tear Gassed

If you see riot police near a violent protest, you better be sure you're willing to deal with the consequences when they try and break it up. Don't panic and start screaming "HOW DO WE GET OUT OF HERE!!" as if this was some sort of urban Blair Witch Project

Turkish Cops Beat a Kurdish Man With Their Batons

Damn, seems the Kurds get a raw deal no matter where they are these days

How to Deal with Your Little Sisters Singing

Simon Cowell has become an excellent role model for young boys

Insane Girl Goes Off on an Elderly Lady on a Train

What a charming young lady, somebody get her a record deal pronto. And I guess she might be pressing charges, just a hunch

Deal or No Deal Idiot

In that moment, Howie Mandel finally understood why OJ killed his wife

Dog Gets Killed by an EOD Explosion

And now they'll have to deal with something much worse than an IED... PETA At least his little buddy can be seen running away safe

Two Men Stab a 7-11 Store Clerk in San Jose

Mess with one bean and you have to deal with the whole burrito

Fight Breaks Out When a Drug Deal Goes Bad

This was bound to go wrong from the beginning, a brightly lit gas station with cameras is hardly the best place for that sort of a business meeting

English Cops Deal With Rowdy Drunks

Just another night out on the town involving way too many Tequila shots

These Animals are all Better Than you

That's right, each and every one of these animals is way better than you, deal with it asshat

Prisoners in Pink

Mason County Sheriff Clint Low has turned everything in his jail pink in an effort to deal with overcrowding and cut down on recidivism. Basically it's "Queer eye for the criminal guy"

Face Vs. A Metal Pole

I mean, you really only use the teeth in the back of your mouth. No big deal.

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