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Motorcycle Crashes Into a Wall

This guy is just driving happily through the countryside when he goes flying into a concrete wall smashing his bike badly - :O

Plane About to Land Crashes

A crash during landing approach

Motorbike Crashes Into Another Bike

This motorbike goes smashing into the back of another bike, and that kiddies is why I use this thing called a break - ;)

Polish Rally Crash

A Polish rally team crashes badly, the shouting at the end means "are you OK? Bartek, are you allright?”

Car Crashes Twice

Shocking French ad for road safety

Compilation of Race Crashes

Yet another compilation, this time a mix of all kinds of racing accidents and crashes

Race Crashes and Other Fun

This is one of the best racing accidents compilation video I have ever seen, top notch

High Speed Powersliding Crash

A car taking part in an illegal rally race crashes and flips over nearly hitting a scooter and other incoming traffic

Ukrainian Jet Crashes at an Air Show

An Ukrainian SU-27 Jet crashes at an air show causing a large fireball close to spectators

SUV Crashes after Police Chase

A SUV crashes and flips over shooting the driver out of the vehicle after Police had been chasing the driver down a freeway

Girl on a Bike Crashes into a Pole

A girl riding a bike down a steep hill crashes into a post making a very nice skull bumping sound, for even more entertainment a guy rides his little sledge down the hill to save her but heads for a fence instead

Thunderbird Crash with Cockpit View

A thunderbird jet crashes at an air show, the video has the cockpit view also giving it that extra bit of excitement

Compilation of Racing Crashes

Sometimes things go wrong, and you can be sure there is always a camera or six to capture those moments

Lamborghini Murcielago Crashes

Some idiot speeding down a street crashes his Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, and of course a crowd gathers around the car to point and laugh

Plane Crashes During a Baseball Game

I guess the pilot was just a bit late for the game

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