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Child Ball - The New Craze

Exciting footage of a pioneering new technique in single child management. With the ever growing population of China, child storage technology has evolved at an amazing rate. Now Chinese children can be stored in their thousands inside floating plastic balls

Prison Beating Caught on Tape

Security cameras caught some Arizona inmates beating up another man who they thought was in there for molesting a child, turns out they were wrong and their jail time was increased as a result

Oscar Winning Performance by a Goalkeeper

I love to see a grown man roll around on the grass like he has been hit by a truck, half skinned, landed in a pile of salt and a puddle of vinegar, screaming like a child only to hop up a few seconds later and run off in perfect health... overpaid primadonnas is what these football players are

Cows - Man Stroke Woman

Someone must have been sexually assaulted by a milky bastard as a child

Young Girl Gets a Cokewhore Tan

What has this world come to (well that cesspit called California), when a mother takes her 8 year old girl to a tanning saloon and pays $1300 for her child to look like a Hollywood cokewhore celebrity like Lindsay Lohan

Naked Trucker Goes Nuts

A naked trucker is something no man, woman or child should ever see, thankfully the cops managed to restrain this one after a while

Child Beater #2

Even more domestic abuse at its finest for us to enjoy... excellent!

Guy Staples His Arm Multiple Times

Someone ate paint chips as a young child

Greek Man Abuses his Wife at a Beach

Men who abuse their women are pretty much the lowest of the low, pretty much right down there with child rapists Lucky for this woman her husband wasn't the Lithuanian wife beater posted a few weeks ago

Russian Crash Causes Car to Roll Over

A car attempts to pass a wedding convoy and crashes into another, rolling over. The driver can count his lucky stars neither him, his wife, his child or the people in the other car were seriously injured

Little Girl gets Taken Out by a Big Yellow Ball

Child abuse is the latest craze nowadays

Creepy Dutch TV Host

I really hope, for that child's sake, that this isn't real.

Monkey Child Busts His Face

Your face has 14 bones in it, I'd think its safe to say he broke at least three of them.

Woman Holding a Flower Gets Peppersprayed by Riot Police

Silly mistake their child of the 60's, should have offered him a donut

Swing Smashes Hard into a Kids Face

Playgrounds are the practical applications of elementary lessons in physics. What goes up must hit a child in the face

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