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Pussy in a Bottle

Man that cat can squeeze into anything - :O

Chugging a Bottle of Syrup

Some guy chugs a whole bottle of syrup, must have been tasty

Painting Houses the Sony Bravia Way

A new advertisement campaign by Sony Bravia involved putting 70,000 liters of paint into 358 single bottle bombs which then were exploded on the outside of a high-rise apartment building in the UK to give it a splash of colour

Opening up a Beer with Paper

Like the title says, this video shows you how to open a beer bottle with a single A4 sheet of paper. Useless skill since it actually takes ages to fold the paper for this trick

Thirsty Japanese Guy

A Japanese guy downs a large bottle of water in no time, it would have been more impressive with a bottle of lighter fluids though

Ways to Open Up a Beer

Loads of different ways to open up a bottle of beer, that last one looked painful

The Annoying Devil - Balls of Steel

The Devil hits the streets to annoy people and trick them into making fools of them selves. I know how it feels to be tricked by the Devil since he tricked me once into selling my soul to him, all I got in exchange was a tequila bottle, seemed like a fair trade at the time since I already had half a bottle in me

Chugging a bottle of Jack Daniels

My mathematical skills have come to the conclusion that is about 16 shots in 40 seconds, liver poisoning is awesome!

Security Beats a Shoplifter Over Vodka

Security tackles a guy pretty roughly over a bottle of Vodka he had stolen

Drunk Falls Asleep On Train Track

A man who drank so much that he collapsed and passed out with his head on a railway line is facing court after being charged with obstructing the railways, guess that bottle of Tequila did its job

Russian Drinks a Whole Bottle of Vodka

A Russian teen drinks a whole bottle of Vodka in about 20 seconds, then half an hour later his body has the obvious reaction; throwing up all over the classroom

Horny Little Turtle

Poor little guy sounds like he just swallowed a bottle of Viagra

Odd Car Crash

This is what happens when a bottle of Viagra is poured into the gas tank

Bottle vs Head

Tisk tisk, giving up so easy are we, and so close to a Darwin award

Girl Fails to Break a Bottle on her Head

For maximum brain damage try it 17,350 more times

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