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Bicycle Bloopers

Funny compilation of bicycle bloopers

Japanese Bicycle Race Accident

A bunch of Japanese cyclists collide in a race

I Want to Ride my Bicycle Drive by Prank

Kids harass a woman riding her bicycle, at least they didnít go as far as the drive by paintball shooting videos

The Craziest American Inventor

Behold! The greatest invention ever to be unveiled before human eyes, a colorful spinning bicycle wheel thingymajick, it will safe lives!

Afghani Kid Falls off his Bicycle

Simple things can often be hilarious, there was just something so graceful about how he fell off the bike

DUI On A Bicycle

Don't worry officer, my bike knows its way home.

Bicycle Lake Stunt Failure

This guy might want to put training wheels on next time.

Overheated Bicycle Rider

This would not be the tandem bike partner I would choose.. Looks a bit overheated.

Badass Bicycle Kick Goal

This guy stuns the hell out of the goalie and everyone else watching with his kick.

Bicycle Cops Mace an Uncooperative Protestor

That is one huge mountain those mountain bikes won't get over, as much as they may have tried

Demonstrator on a Bicycle Gets Run Over

My two cents: Get the f**K out of the road.

Guy Face Plants After a Failed Bicycle Stunt

Well, at least he looked totally awesome cool like

Old Russian Man Fails Terribly at a Bicycle Jump

If you don't succeed at first, drink more Vodka and try again

Kid Gets Thrown off a Playground Roundabout

A bicycle this time instead of a moped, good to see kids being environmentally friendly these days

Mormon on a Bike Tackled

I wonder what would ever drive a man to tackle a poor Mormon on a bicycle... o that's right, could be the fact he doesn't like being woken up by the doorbell every other day at 6AM. The Mormons gave him a nice beating though

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