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Horrible Commercial Placement

That is the worst news report to follow your ad - :razz

Pickle Phobia

This girl’s worst nightmare are pickles, yes you read right, PICKLES!!!

5 Worst Idols

I think I might have hearing problems after hearing these 5

Awful Laptop Thief

This guy is one of the worst thieves I have ever seen, no style to his thieving ways. But he does get the job done in the end though

Laguna Bi-otch - Mad TV

The kids of possibly the worst TV show in the history of mankind, Laguna Beach, get mocked by Mad TV for our enjoyment


In the spring of 2006, Hasbro launched what was instantly determined to be one of the worst products of all time. Called the Oozinator, it was a super soaker gun that shot water and a white, gooey substance they called "Bio Ooze". This is what happened just before they launched the product.

Stuck in an Escalator

Being stuck in an escalator has to be my second worst fear, right after axe wielding machanical babies

Bai Ling - Horrible Singer Alert

Hands down, this rendition of "Like A Virgin" by the "sexy" star is some of the worst singing ever

Horrible Austrian Idol Audition

OK I said something 3 days ago about another video being the worst reality TV singing audition I had ever seen, forget that, THIS is by far the worst

Woman Attacked by Bear With Commentary

The legendary video of a woman getting attacked by a trained bear now with hilarious British commentaries by David Mitchell and Johnny Vaughn on the show Best of the Worst

Worst Adam Sandler Impersonator Ever Tries to Buy Beer

They definitely sent the wrong guys on the beer run

Killer Cat - Worst Reenactment Ever

The thing puzzling me about this video is what kind of store keeps cats in the shampoo aisle?

The Full Saddam Hussein Hanging Execution Video

A leaked mobile/cellular phone video of the hanging of Saddam, although the cameraman is probably the worst one in the whole of Iraq [b][color=darkred]Viewer discretion is advised[/color][/b]

Worst Hockey Play Ever

Patrik Stefan could only guess how many times this will be shown around the world today, this week, this year and for the rest of time in hockey history

Best Line in a Movie Ever

The worst film in cinema history (Shark Attack 3) somehow managed to create by far the best pickup line ever heard by man

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