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Working Overtime at Night

It can be boring to have to do some overtime for work, but this guy has the perfect plan

Dave Letterman and the Velcro Suit

Late Night with David Letterman back in Feb. 28, 1984, when Velcro was an actual new invention and the work of the devil

Guard Duty

Even Darth Vader had to work his way up...

Homemade Bungee Cord

I guess Darwin was right after all, classic example of natural selection at work

The Topless Danish Speedbandits

These Danish girls have come up with a great plan to tackle speeding, go onto the streets of Copenhagen topless and holding a speed limit traffic sign. Lets face it, every man will slow down for the titties Note: Not safe for work, minor nudity

The Urban Ninja #2

The urban Ninja doing what he does best, scaring random people and doing other necessary Ninja work

The Reckless Rabbi

A Rabbi who is not a cop, but rather a diamond jeweler uses an official looking car fitted with police sirens and lights to get quickly through NYC traffic on his way to work

Tasers Work Like a Charm

A big guy goes from being about to "box that f**king dog" to "no, no, please" in no time due to a taser. I also think I have just witnessed some of the most polite cops ever captured on film

Live Action Web Surfing

See how loading, scrolling and double clicking would work in our real non pixel universe

Female Officer Verbally Abused

That female cop sure got a mouthful, at one point I actually thought she was about to break into tears. Very professionally work on her part

Highspeed Chase Ends in a Meeting with the Batons

A high speed chase through the streets of Los Angeles left several police cruisers in need of body work and a suspect drowned in pepper spray and beat with batons

Amazing Beatboxer on French Idol

This guy should work in a night club, would save them a lot of money that they would have spent on buying records

Stupid Thief Tries to Lift a Safe into his Car

Great thieving skills at work here, first he struggles to get the safe through the door, then he actually keeps on trying to lift the damn thing into his car hitting his head on the door twice. Then to top it all, he leaves road marks for the cops to follow and both blood stains and finger prints at the scene of the crime

Policeman Fails Miserably at Kicking Down a Door

When kicking the thing repeatedly doesn't work, just pick the lock

Bike Stunt Fails Miserably

At least he knows the brakes work.

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