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Disappearing Birdcage Magic Trick

After freeze framing this video about twenty times I have come to the conclusion the girl on the far left has very nice breasts

Fast Times at Hero High

Well superheroes had to go to high school too, I just never thought they had all gone to the very same school one at the very same time

The Immigration Debate at Pilgrim Times

The immigration debate blows up when the Pilgrims protest limitations to their rights in America…

Horrible Driver in China Drives Over an Old Lady

A driver in China knocked down an old lady and ran over her a few times, he probably thought it was just a bump in the road. If you were looking for something to feed the stereotype that Asians are bad drivers, then this is it

Tasered While Drinking a Beer

A guy tries several times to down a can of beer while being tasered, why you say, well why not?

Tiger Beer - Reincarnation

How many times are you willing to be reincarnated in order to get your paws on some delicious brew?

Like Porn? Get a Laptop

A laptop will keep your hush-hush relationship with your little friend secret from the wife/girlfriend, no more error messages at bad times. So what you waiting for, go buy a laptop

Worst Hockey Play Ever

Patrik Stefan could only guess how many times this will be shown around the world today, this week, this year and for the rest of time in hockey history

14 Year Old Girl Arrested 5 Times for GTA

This skanky looking 14 year old has been arrested on grand theft auto charges 5 times in 5 months, she is on a real good track to spending the rest of her life in jail, that or as a thieving crack whore

The Iraqi 50 Cent

Best part about this clip is that the Iraqi Kid sounds a million times better than 50 Cent

Redneck Amusement Park Ride

I have a hard enough time trusting rides in real amusement parks, but that thing is just asking for a disaster to happen Note: Video freezes up a few times

Shooting Dual m249s

This guy might have watched the Rambo movies or Predator a few too many times

Electric Fence Fun

5 men, one fence, 5 times the fun

Girl Fails to Break a Bottle on her Head

For maximum brain damage try it 17,350 more times

The Ever Vigilant British Bobbies

If you want your house to be secure from thieves in Britain you better have at least more than 6 police officers, 2 soldiers and 1 Queens Guard protecting it at all times, as these students demonstrate by braking into their own house

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