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Cool Pen Computer

Nice technology here, even though a normal calculator might be much simpler to use this is pretty neat non the less

Child Ball - The New Craze

Exciting footage of a pioneering new technique in single child management. With the ever growing population of China, child storage technology has evolved at an amazing rate. Now Chinese children can be stored in their thousands inside floating plastic balls

Sketch Furniture

Wacky new technology, where designers from a company called “Front” design their furniture by sketching it into thin air

Man Has a Minor Mishap at the Gas Station

I say minor yet mean major. Guy must own an Xbox, too used to wireless technology

Woman Has a Bit of Trouble with a Drink Machine

Technology is rising up to fight its human oppressors

Uh Lady It's a MICROphone

An old lady confuses a microphone with a phone. This is Technology calling. Hello? Are we getting through?

The Mother of All Car Stunts

Ok so it's just a viral ad made with the help of modern technology and computers, but it sure looks cool non the less

Don't Leave it to the Answering Machine

Funny French ad that explains exactly why cell phones with their voice mail technology are a lot better than the ancient answering machine

Surfing Inside

Modern technology now allows us to surf indoors, basically it's surfing without the hungry sharks and the annoying sand

BMW Garage Door Opener

Absolutely brilliant! Such technology can be used for all sorts of doors, cabinets, and kitchen appliances!

Awesome Sawblade Sensor Technology

I would hate to be this inventor... I wonder how many times he has had to stick his finger in the saw to sell this.

Angry Woman Vs. A Lawnmower

Technology can be so frustrating sometimes. Fortunately, you can always just smash it up and it can’t do a damn thing to you.

Lie Detector Test

Thank GOD my girlfriend hasn't discovered this sort of technology.

Wheelchair Scuba Diving

It is pretty amazing how far technology has taken us.

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