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The Making of a Sex Tape

So you get to that moment where the girl friend finally decided its ok to tape you having sex and then this happens...

Bad Idea Bloopers

Compilation of bad ideas caught on tape

Terrorist Bloopers

Even terrorists make silly mistakes every now and again that get caught on tape

Great White Feast and Orgy

Great White Sharks feeding on a whale carcass outside Seal Island, South Africa. This is unbelievable footage and the researchers where even lucky enough to get some shark orgy action on tape too

Good Day, Mr Kubrick

In 1984, Director Stanley Kubrick placed ads throughout the U.S. for young aspiring actors to send in audition tapes for "Full Metal Jacket". This tape managed to get leaked, and o boy is it great. The guy is just such an asshat that it makes me cry with joy

Police Brutality Caught on Tape

A pedestrian gets on tape two police officers repeatedly punching a man in the face that they have pinned down to the ground. Policeman, nice career for some, a short job for others

Two Bicyclists hit by Moped in China

A bad accident caught on tape. That moped looked like it was playing bowling with the cyclists

Goat Brings Laughter to Iraq

A goat with its head stuck in a bucket or a box of some sort brings laughter to the US troops in Iraq, who were witty enough to tape it thus sharing that laughter with all of us

Road Rage Caught on Tape

3 Different cases of extreme road rage caught on tape, all three end in the drivers fighting out hand to hand on the road

Viral Learning Center

A spoof of a Devry-type school where they teach how to make viral videos and hurt your self on tape, basically like most of the videos on this very site

Carjacker Dragged Along the Road by Victim

A man was caught on tape being dragged at speeds of 45 mph by a vehicle he intended to steal. Police said the man tried to carjack a vehicle but since the doors were locked he grabbed and held onto the vehicle while it drove off

Busted Jacking Off While in the Office

A few guys catch one of their nightshift workers masturbating in the office, they film it and show him the tape afterwards, as you can guess he becomes pretty angry. Also did he stick his finger up his own ass - :S

Crash Caught on Tape

A bad crash is completely captured on tape, everything from the accident it self to onlookers trying to get the poor woman out of the car to the emergency services turning up

Two Baghdad Explosions Caught on Tape

Two bombs explode in a predominantly Shiite commercial area in central Baghdad just after noon, killing at least 72 Iraqi civilians. Makes you wonder how the people who set up these bombs actually think they are fighting for their fellow countrymen

Cops Need to Tackle a Man in a Courtroom

A courtroom brawl was caught on tape in Brevard County. Bailiffs were forced to wrestle a defendant to the ground

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