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The Topless Danish Speedbandits

These Danish girls have come up with a great plan to tackle speeding, go onto the streets of Copenhagen topless and holding a speed limit traffic sign. Lets face it, every man will slow down for the titties Note: Not safe for work, minor nudity

Rapist - Mr Show

Imprisoning rapists can be very expansive for the tax payer, so Mr. Show has come up with a brilliant idea to tackle the problem, by making sure everyone around a convicted rapist knows exactly that he is indeed a rapist

50 Ways to use Your Head

One American football tackle after another, then a few more

Cops Need to Tackle a Man in a Courtroom

A courtroom brawl was caught on tape in Brevard County. Bailiffs were forced to wrestle a defendant to the ground

Dock Tackle Revenge

The kid who got tackled in yesterdays video off the dock gets his revenge... totally not planned - :rolleyes

Midget Wrestler Tackles a Spectator

He just did the mini-superman tackle

Guy on a BMX Fails Horrible at Riding Up a Wall

Yet another brave soul attempts to tackle a wall head-on and walks away in defeat

Dish Washer Gets a Surprise Tackle

Better stay down, call a lawyer and never wash dishes again

Baseball Catcher Tackle

That was a nice tackle and what not, but it doesn't change the fact the catcher held the ball and hence he's out

Lifeguards Tackle a Drunk Pervert at a Beach

If you are going to be feeling up the ladies you might as well do it at a nudist beach

7-11 Employee & Customers Tackle a Thief

The things some people will do for $5.75/hr. And as far as the customers are concerned, they should be awarded with the Customers of the Year award

Seattle Police Taser & Tackle a Fleeing Guy

Took a taser shot, a dozen cops and a fireman to tackle this guy to the ground. If he would have gotten a few feet further they would have to had let a bunch of strippers and an angry hamster loose on him

Girl in a Chicken Suit Gets Tackled in School Cafeteria

The poor girl lost a bet and this was her punishment, to be humiliated in front of the entire High School. The tackle was just a little icing on the cake. Classic example of douchebaggery

German Police Tackle a Knife Wielding Hostage Taker

Berlin police tackled and detained a man who threatened a woman with a knife at Berlin's main train station. I'm guessing he snapped after missing his train to Crazytown

Ladder Tackle Leaves a Guy Crying

Another wannabe stunt man bites the dust, guess he won't make it to the big screen

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