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High Speed Chase Ends in a Crash

A high speed chase in Los Angeles results in the suspect loosing control of his SUV and crashing into a fence on the side of a building

Fatal Police Shooting

Duchesne County Police in Utah recently released footage of a high-speed chase that ended in a shoot-out with a suspect being gunned down

TV Crew Scuffles with Identity Theft Suspect

Wow, what a stunning display of innocence - :l

Highspeed Chase Ends in a Meeting with the Batons

A high speed chase through the streets of Los Angeles left several police cruisers in need of body work and a suspect drowned in pepper spray and beat with batons

Taiwanese Police Shoot a Suspect

The Taiwanese Police end up killing a suspect after a hefty car chase through out the city, they gave him abundant changes to give up and shot his wheels numerously

Hotel Murder Caught on a Security Camera

I actually have no information about this clip apart from that this occurred in Brazil and the suspect has still not been found

Murder Suspect vs Water Canon

A murder suspect who took refuge in a hospital in china was shot at with a water canon to bring the drama to an end. The man was wanted for questioning over the murder of his in-laws, meaning he is basically accused of doing what every married man has thought of doing at least twice

Catch Me if You Can!

British coppers chase a suspect on foot after he ran away from them when they were talking to him. He gave them quite a good run around the square for a while

Phoenix Police Takedown

A Phoenix police K-9 and SWAT team capture a man who claimed he had a pipe bomb and engaged them in an hour-long standoff during rush hour. Needless to say Dog 1 - Suspect 0

Police Officer is Shot Dead After Pepper Spraying Suspect

Corporal McKay gets shot in the back by Liko Kenney after the officer had chased him into a ditch and pepper sprayed his face. Liko had sped away minutes earlier as McKay pulled him over for a routine traffic stop. They had a long history together as Liko had been stopped numerous times by McKay in the past. After shooting the officer and driving over his body Liko him self got gunned down by an ex-Marine, who can be seen in this clip at the end of the road sitting in a truck with his son

Suspect Drives off a Cliff

This guy must have watched ET one too many times. Gravity wins yet again

Suspect Bails Out of a Moving Car and gets Run Over

The same rule applies to leaping out of a moving car as does with crossing the street. Look both to your right and left first

Suspect Fires on Police During a Car Chase

Get caught after having shot at a cop and you sure have something to cry and whine about

Car Chase Ends with Suspect Barricaded in his Bathroom

Here is a pointer to anyone who resists arrest, you will get your arse kicked and not lightly tickled under the chin. It's that simple really.

Shocking Way To Stop A Motorcyclist

This guy must have been a rookie, he didn't even kick the suspect in the face.

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