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Japanese TV Show with a Violent Gimp

What could be funnier then a reality show where 4 men were put into a locked room to stay there for 24 hours while a man wearing a gimp suit suddenly appears throughout those 24 hours to beat the contestants with a stick...only on Japanese TV - :D

Dave Letterman and the Velcro Suit

Late Night with David Letterman back in Feb. 28, 1984, when Velcro was an actual new invention and the work of the devil

The Grizzly Suit

A few clips from the movie Project Grizzly where they were testing a grizzly bear proof suit

The Sexy Deer

Never has bestiality and the death of a good friend been as funny. Strangely I found my self quite aroused by that deer too... then I noticed it was just a white guy in a suit and I cried

The Tear Suit

This could possibly be the worlds most retarded invention

Management Leisure Suit

The suit every manager needs to keep his workers under control

Kid in a Sumo Suit Gets Run Over by a Car

Basic Rule here, if you stand in front of a moving car you will get hurt

Apache 30mm Gun Takes out 4 Insurgents

The old spy in a dog suit trick works every time

Guy in an Astronaut Suit Interrupts a Golf Match

Just what were they doing playing golf on the moon anyway?

Guy in a Kangaroo Suit Goes About Causing Havoc

Looks like Jackassaroo needs an old fashioned marsupial ass kicking

Man in Bear Suit Disrupts Reporter Covering Hurricane Ike

Pedobear picked a bad day to go to the beach to lure some young victims back to his cave. And if you don't know who Pedobear is, then shame on you

Guy in a Gorilla Suit Hits his Head on a Gate

I've just called two vets, the latter just confirmed the first vet's diagnosis that gorilla boy here is in fact mentally retarded

Huge Chunks of Ice Fall from a TV Tower

An umbrella won't save you from the ice falling from this 1600 foot TV tower in Oklahoma, a suit of medieval armor might

Girl in a Chicken Suit Gets Tackled in School Cafeteria

The poor girl lost a bet and this was her punishment, to be humiliated in front of the entire High School. The tackle was just a little icing on the cake. Classic example of douchebaggery

Weird Russian Robot Dance

I'm not sure what's funnier and cooler, Pjotro, the guy in the music suit, or that fat show host. This is painfully bad to watch though, apart from the ladies in the background

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