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My Animated World

This Stop Motion Animation takes you into another world. In this world no physical laws count. The only laws that count are the laws of the Animator. This clip is from the city of Breda, in the Netherlands

Slomo Home Depot

225 Improv Everywhere agents shop in uber slow motion at a Manhattan Home Depot

How Lord of the Rings Should Have Ended

Walking you say? Now that is a silly motion, flying would be so much easier

Diameter Bomb Hits Bunker in Slow Motion

A diameter bomb which is built to slice through steel reinforced concrete bunkers like a hot knife through butter, does just exactly that and blows up a jet

Loads of Cars Slide on a Frozen Road

Quite the line of cars slamming into each other there, great idea to hang on the door to slow down the car, real smart

Slow Motion Bullets

Whoever made this video must really hate fruit and cans of tomato sauce

Light Bulb Goes Boom, in Slomo

High quality slow motion video of a light bulb exploding, yay!

Slow Motion Tank Round Being Fired

Very impressive, the camera would have to swing at a very high but precise speed to capture that

The Topless Danish Speedbandits

These Danish girls have come up with a great plan to tackle speeding, go onto the streets of Copenhagen topless and holding a speed limit traffic sign. Lets face it, every man will slow down for the titties Note: Not safe for work, minor nudity

Tony VS Paul in a Stop Motion Fight

The only way to make a fight more exciting is with the power of the stop motion, this is something both Tony and Paul know very well

Nike Juice it - Birthday Cake and Lavalamp

Nike testing their new golf ball called Juice on a nice looking cake and a lavalamp in slow motion

No Boundaries - Stop Motion Video

A cool stop motion animation of a festive sort

Climbing Into an SUV Balancing on Two Wheels

While an SUV is in motion and balancing on 2 wheels, an insane guy jumps on the back of the SUV and climbs into the side window

Grandstand Fight

Old April fool joke on the BBC Sports show Grandstand, I think the slow-motion reply was a nice touch

Ambulance Crashes into a Car

Paramedics turn into patients when their ambulance smashes into a car. It was a red light Mr. ambulance driver Steve, so at least slow a tiny bit down

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