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Stocking Intolerance

Apparently shop keepers don’t take kindly to people wearing stockings on their head whilst shopping

Slomo Home Depot

225 Improv Everywhere agents shop in uber slow motion at a Manhattan Home Depot

Urban Sprinting - Balls of Steel

Taken from the great British show called Balls of Steel... a guy brings his own security tag hidden in his hat to a store, runs out from the shop and gets chased by the security guard. The game stops when you reach a burger bar


Ahhh the joys of Photo Shop

The Real Hustle - The Jeweler Shop Scam

The hustles steal a 600 necklace from their local jewelers and all by just practically asking the shopkeeper for it

Shop Keeper Knocks out a Robber

The two thieves looked rather stupid waving those bats around so good going to the shop keeper

Saleswoman Loses her Skirt - Hidden Camera

I actually think the shop should take up this sales technique, nothing sells TV like a hot piece of ass

Woman Drives Into a Shop Window

Impressive she managed to drive between those two parked cars without scratching the doors off her own car, not so impressive the driving into the window, or her attempts of backing out afterwards

Man Sets Porn Shop on Fire with Customers Inside

He went in and came out with a red hot burning porno

Australian Women Start Fighting Outside a Shop

Someone's man must have put his shrimp in the other girls barbie

Owner of a Shop in Detroit Beats Up a Rude Customer

In Detroit you get a complimentary beating with every 40oz

When Office Chair Riding Goes Wrong

His skateboard must be in the shop

Beaver Poos in a Russian Shop Then heads for the Vodka

Even the animals in Russia are a bunch of drunks

Shop Keeper Chases Off a Crossbow Wielding Robber

Next time you might want to leave the toy crossbow at home and bring a real man's weapon, like a chainsaw

Albanian Women Caught Stealing from a Macedonian Shop

I use the term "women" loosely, those were two very foul looking creatures

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