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Cockroach Wussy

This guy is terrified of cockroaches but want to fight his fear, his girly screams are superb

Weatherman VS Cockroach

A weatherman freaks out as little cockroach crawls past his feet as he is doing a weather segment. His screams where quite pathetic and yet so delightfully entertaining

Screaming Guy vs Paint Ball Firing Squad

His screams were so highly pitched they cracked windows in a two block radius

Store Clerk Screams a Robber Out of the Store

Rob this store and all you're gonna get is busted eardrums

Crazy Lady Screams as She Gets Arrested

If you ever get arrested, you can either go peacefully or with a struggle that usually ends with you being on the receiving end of a taser. Alternatively, you can scream your lungs out like this girl

Reporter Screams Hysterically After Getting Tear Gassed

If you see riot police near a violent protest, you better be sure you're willing to deal with the consequences when they try and break it up. Don't panic and start screaming "HOW DO WE GET OUT OF HERE!!" as if this was some sort of urban Blair Witch Project

Cameraman Catches a Horrific Murder as a Woman Screams

In all honesty you will be relieved that the title is a bit misleading, but you'll still be left shocked

Kid Causing Trouble in a Mall Gets Caught by Security

His Indian tribal name should be 'Walks like ten men but screams like ten little girls'

Pedophile Gets Tased & Screams Like a Girl

5 and a half hours of driving just to get cock teased for a while then cock tased

Big Norweigian Guy Fights a Small Greek Guy

Pink underwear, "go away you big bully" comment, running away from a fight... This video just screams manliness

Female French Skiier Screams Bloody Murder After Crash

By the sounds of those screams she broke more than a nail

Waitress Trips Through a Window

I hope she cleaned all that up before she went home, or to her next acting job since this screams fake

Chicks get in a Heated Street Fight

That girl in the red top clearly used to be a man, judging the way she punches. Caution though, a lot of girly screams, might pop a few ear drums

Texan Cop Screams Like A Chick

He might want to grab a new pair of depends after that one.

Fat Guy Screams For McDonalds Chicken

For the love of God, someone give this man his McChicken!

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