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Carrera GT Driver Baits Onlookers

If I was rich enough to be able to afford a $600k car I would just have paid someone to knock that guy out

Crackhead Lady Goes on a Crazy Rant Spree

This crazy crackhead is so rich, she shops at Circle K... oh and also drives a "fucking fifteen million dollar fucking car"

Power Wheels Crash

Only the really rich kids had Power Wheels when I was a kid, now about 15 years later when I finally got one they all have private jets and yachts

NYPD Officers Beat on a Drunk Bum

He was once a drunk poor bum, now he's a rich bum with a few nasty bruises

Goat Nearly Gores Out a Kids Eye

On the plus side he became filthy rich starring in every Hollywood movie with a Cyclops role

Katrina the Untold White Stories

Parody of "Katrina the Untold Stories" where the stories of all them unfortunate rich white folk are told, also Bush apparently doesn't care about white people

The Rich Englishman and his Trebuchet

Besides giving away to charity, most rich people waste their money on boring, frivolous things such as yachts, diamonds, and mansions. Here's a rich Englishman that knows how to have proper fun... medieval style

Redneck Rollercoaster

When ya'll don't have fancy rich peoples rides ya'll gotta make dem your selfs

Rich Boy Whoops Some Ass

School's out for summer and Harry Potter has taken up street fighting against French Muslim youths. Go Harry go

You'll Never Be As Rich As This Guy

Hey guys, it's Tom Vu. He has a big house with a 7 car garage, a tennis court, and a fountain out front. Because nothing spells success like a water fountain.

Free Falling Underwater Looks Fun

I think I might take that hobby up once I'm rich.

You Are Slower Than You Think

Here's the thing: The NFL Network's Rich Eisen doesn't claim to be fast, but sometimes you forget just how unfast you are.

Going 195 MPH In A GTR

It's gotta be nice to have a rich daddy who leaves his keys out.

Rich Girl Gets Attacked By Her Mercedes

Oh no! Her toy poodle was probably in the front seat!

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