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Streaker Interrupts Live News

A streaker interrupts a live news report, but the news reporter gets the better of him

News Reporter Looses Tooth

A news anchor looses his front tooth during a live broadcast

Bike Chain Prank on Live TV

Unlike the News reporter lady I found that to be pretty hilarious

German Weather Woman Looses it

A German weather reporter looses it whilst live on TV

Idiot Ruins a News Story

Pretty short clip just with some idiot running behind a reporter during a live broadcast, funny how he twisted a very serious story into a second of stupidity

News Reporter Gets Beaten

A news reporter gets beaten up by the guy he was doing a report on

Top Cock - Fox Mispronunciation Misfortune

Fox News Reporter Jane Skinner has something on her mind she wants to share with everyone… Also six dead cops haha the joy

Reporter Pushes Drunk Girl Away

"OHIO STATE!" Chubby just wanted some air time

BBC Reporter gets Gothed out at Gothic Weekend

A BBC reporter travels to Whitby Gothic Weekend to investigate the Goth culture and be a part of it for a day

Female News Reporter Faints During a Live Broadcast

The fainting was funny, but the set behind her falling on her head was the icing on the cake

George Bush Talks to an Ape Man

George Bush talks to an ape reporter, or maybe he is the ape, bah

Reporter Nearly Chokes over Saddam Hanging

The irony of this video is just so great, oh and yes, Saddam Hussein is dead having been hung today in Iraq

News Reporter Slips on Ice

News flash: Ice is slippery

50 Bucks for Pantyhose

A reporter offers a girl $50 to take off her pantyhose and give it him for keeps, now I wander how much is going to cost to get her completely naked

Reporter Crashes a Quad on Live TV

That is absolutely priceless, bet her co-workers wont let her forget about that one for a while

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